Sesame seeds have been an integral part of Middle Eastern and Asian dishes for a long time now. These seeds come packed with many minerals, and nutrients which is why their addition is recommended and valued. Sesame seeds contain proteins which can help one maintain a lean physique. They also contain magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B6. Other minerals found in sesame seeds include phosphorous, copper, and potassium.

The magnesium found in these seeds can prevent insomnia, and regular blood sugar levels. A rich source of fiber as well as zinc, sesame seeds are worth adding to your diet. They boast natural oils, antioxidants, lignans, etc. as well. Studies show that sesame seeds are super beneficial for health.

Here’s what sesame seeds do to benefit one’s health:

1 – Better digestive health

Fiber is known for its positive impacts on the digestive health on those who consume it. Sesame seeds also contain dietary fiber which isn’t digested in the body. It just takes food along with it through the digestive tract. By doing so, it lowers the risk of hemorrhoids and colon cancer. It also regulates regular bowel movements.

2 – Support gut health

The fiber in sesame seeds doesn’t only improve your digestion. It can also improve your gut health by balancing the gut microbiome. A negative balance in the gut bacteria in which bad bacteria outnumber the good ones can damage health in many ways. It can allow toxins in and also weaken the immune system and cause many health concerns such as anxiety and more to arise.

3 – Improve Respiratory health

Asthma is a common condition in the United States. Fortunately, magnesium intake can control it. In this regard, magnesium-enriched sesame seeds can keep asthma attacks controlled as well improve lung functioning. Magnesium fights these asthma attacks by reducing histamine production. It also controls bronchial muscle contraction which is how it promotes good respiratory health.

4 – Decrease high blood pressure

Sesame seeds comprise of magnesium which enables them to lower the levels of high blood pressure. By doing so, these seeds can prevent health-related problem which arise due to hypertension such as a heart attack or a stroke. Magnesium also protects the heart by improving cardiovascular functionality. What it does is that it dissolves blood clots and widens blood vessels. Moreover, it also prevent arrythmia.

5 – Lowers cholesterol levels

The phytosterols found in plants can decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. These substances are also found in sesame seeds. Hence, sesame seeds can reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels which in turn takes down the risk of heart-related problems such as stroke, heart attack and heart disease.

6 – Reduce stress and anxiety

Sesame seeds can improve your gut health and hence, boost your mood. The gut is linked to your central nervous system which is how a balance or imbalance in the gut microbiome can positively or negatively impact your mood. Over and above that, magnesium in sesame seeds can regulate the CNS as well and prevent stress and anxiety.

7 – Decrease inflammation

Inflammation stands at the helm of several ailments including arthritis. Sesame seeds are an abundant source of copper which can reduce inflammation and the consequent risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Since copper is not naturally formed in the body it is essential to consume the mineral by eating foods which are a rich in it.

8 – Improve bone health

Calcium is necessary for the bones. Good thing sesame seeds contain a good amount of it. Calcium helps with bone growth and maintenance. For those who are lactose intolerant or don’t consume dairy products for another reason, sesame seeds can be a great way to get the body’s required amount of calcium. Calcium doesn’t only strengthen bones but also prevents osteoporosis.

9 – Protect oral health

Sesame seeds are known for the beneficial effects on the oral health of users. These seeds can have an antibacterial impact on the bacteria that reside in the mouth. The use of sesame seeds and sesame oil is often recommended for improve oral health. Oil pulling, which can be done with the oil of the seeds, can clean the mouth of bacteria.

10 – Prevent certain cancer

The magnesium content in sesame seeds can prevent colorectal cancer. Furthermore, the phytosterols found in sesame seeds can also prevent other common cancers such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer. Since phytosterols boast high antioxidant levels, they can stop the growth of new cancer cells and prevent the spreading of existing ones. They can even kill cancer cells.

11 – Improve skin and hair

Sesame seeds comprise of zinc which encourages the formation of collagen. Collagen strengthens muscle tissue, skin as well as hair. Moreover, these seeds contain vitamin E which can reduce burns and marks appearance on the skin. The composition of these seeds can prevent premature signs of aging from arising as well. Sesame seed oil is often massaged on the scalp for improved hair growth and prevention of greying of the hair.

Negative side effects of eating too many sesame seeds

These seeds must be eating in moderate amounts. Consuming handfuls of sesame seeds at once only harms the health. You see, sesame seeds contain small amounts of THC as shown in drug tests. Moreover, too many sesame seeds can also adversely impact your bowel and colon health. An overconsumption of these seeds is also not recommended for diabetic people as it negative impact blood sugar levels.

Key takeaway

Sesame seeds come packed with one too many health benefits. They protect cardiovascular, respirator, bone, and oral health. They promote digestive and gut health. These seeds can also reduce inflammation as well as boost one’s mood. However, remember to consume sesame seeds in moderation. Too many of them can irritate the colon and raise blood sugar levels in diabetics.