Before you take the plunge, it is always wise to gather all the details and then dive in. The same applies to the situation when you call the shots in the favor of piercing. You might get other piercings done without any essential investigations. But the septum piercing pain always calls for a proper knowledge, after all, your nose is a sensitive spot for getting a piercing.

What is septum piercing?

The septum piercing is not a misnomer term. Rather it speaks for themselves. It is getting a piece of jewelry to twinkle like a star in the area of your nasal septum, where your piercing is. For crystal clarity, the nasal septum is the area between your nostrils. The septum piercing is pretty much in the trend so for all those people who wish to have it, this is the right time for it.

Septum piercing pain: how much does it really hurt?

Septum piercing pain is not much according to experts. Of course, each one of us has a different magnitude of pain tolerance yet essentially, the pain is not much. Since the drill of the piercing procedure requires a needle to go through the septum region and then a metal ring passes through it, a pinch in inevitable. Mostly, however, experts equate the septum piercing pain to less than that of a nose piercing.

According to LibFemBlog’s Becca who has had her septum pierced four times, “Compared to some piercings I’ve had it wasn’t too bad at all, probably less painful than your standard nostril piercing! As long as you go to a good piercer they’ll get the soft spot right in the centre, if they’re slightly off then you’re in for a bit of a shock.”

The soft spot as the parameter of septum piercing pain

The average septum piercing pain is characterized by a strong pinch and that’s all. This is because the septum piercing is not done through the cartilage. Rather, there is a sweet spot where the needlework is done. This is an area of flesh between the cartilage and the front of the nose.

Septum Piercing Pain

This area does not cause much pain and also heals faster. The only catch is that not everyone has a sweet spot. Nonetheless, the person who does your piercing will find the spot closest to the sweet spot so that the septum piercing pain is minimal.

The healing time of your piercing

The painful and tender episode of healing should be over in about 1-3 weeks time. The full healing takes place in about a window of time period extending between 6-8 months. You can change your jewelry in 6-8 weeks but try and leave it on for as long as possible.

Aftercare tips for the septum piercing

A tip to keep in mind while the healing period of your piercing is cleaning the pierced area of your nose with salt water daily. You should also be cleaning your septum piercing in the shower. For the inside, you are to use the saline solution. For the outside though, you can use water and soap. Do not use the soap on the inside, as this might irritate your mucous membrane.

Little white discharge is normal. You only need to be alert and warned if you notice green or yellow pus from your piercing. This indicates that your new piercing is infected. A little smell is also common. And it occurs due to the buildup of dead skin cells, as the body keeps attempting to heal itself.

Should you ever decide to take out the piercing, little scarring is inevitable but that won’t alter your nose. The pierced hole will shrink but it will stay. This means that if you ever decide to wear the metal jewelry again, you can always put back the nose accessory.

For a more sophisticated look, you can always wear a gold septum piercing. There is really a wide variety to choose from. Of course, the first step remains a critical one but with only a little septum piercing pain, you will be able to get the look that you either wanted to flaunt since forever or want to try as part of the trending bandwagon.