They say you have at least seven lookalikes distributed in the world but hey, what is the strategical probability of coming across even a single one? Zilch. But when you are a celebrity, people who look like you often get a slice of your popularity. The same has happened with Erika Montantes, who’s based in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

This 23-year-old looks so much like Selena Gomez, you’re bound to keep looking at her to spot where the difference lies. In a recent interview Montantes revealed that comparisons between her and the Same Old Love singer were drawn first when she was fifteen. Now she looks up to Gomez for inspiration and also considers her a role model.

“I feel flattered, I think she’s so beautiful and an incredible human being. I love her, I think she’s so strong, beautiful, brave, she’s a good role model. Even if she has been through a lot (with her disease) she tries to keep a smile on her face,” said Montantes as reported by Daily Mail. These two women share the same hair color and their features are also alike with both having cute pouty lips.

Not only does Erika Montantes uncannily resemble Selena but she also has Mexican roots just like the former Disney actress. Not to forget, they’re both pickle lovers! Erika doesn’t just think Sel is beautiful, but she also takes some style pointers from the star. Despite that and all the similarities, both of them are very different people.

While talking about this Montantes said, “Some haters think I want to be Selena or that I try to look like her, which is wrong. I don’t try to look like her or act like her because I know that she is Selena and I’m Erika – different people, you know?” The Mexican Selena Gomez lookalike has almost 16k followers on Instagram! There’s no denying she’s absolutely stunning.

Haven’t checked her out yet? A quick look at her Instagram is sure to spellbind you for a second! She also has a piece of advice to give; words that everyone should abide by. “I’d like to say that no matter how rude people are, just ignore them and keep going – the most important thing is to be yourself and love yourself no matter what,” said the freelancer.