Snapchat is in trouble because Selena Gomez has some not-so-good things to say about it. The Taki Taki singer who is not a regular social media user took to the platform to express her dislike for one of its features.

Gomez took to the photo-capturing app to try out some of its popular filters. In the clips she demonstrated how all the pretty filters changed her eye color to blue. The former Disney actress has brown eyes and didn’t like that the only filters in which her eye color stayed true to the actual one were those which were funny.

Expressing her view, Selena said, “Literally every single Snapchat filter has the blue eyes. What if you have brown eyes? Am I supposed to have these eyes…to look good?” She further added, “They have all the blue eyes for all the ones that are, like, really pretty and then I put on this and it’s like brown…brown eyes.”

As famous as Snapchat filters are, they are also often criticized. Some people think that they entirely alter a person’s looks and make one look fake. Selena ended her discussion by saying, “I think I’ll just stick to the ‘gram. Brown eyes are beautiful, everyone.”


Gomez is not a big fan of social media anyway. In the past she has revealed that she doesn’t even have Instagram installed. Only a few months back she was the queen of Instagram with the most followers. However, she never let the fame get to her head.

“None of this matters. I don’t care how many followers I have. I don’t. It’s insane so many people are obsessed. Like, chill out,” said the multitalented star. Later on, she was dethroned by Cristiano Ronaldo and then Ariana Grande.

Do you think that this remark on snapchat by Selena Gomez can cause a problem for the platform? Will Snapchat add more diversity to its filters? Let’s hope so.