If you ship Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber then here’s some bad news for you: Selena has moved on from Justin. A latest report says that the Wolves songstress is not planning on a patch up with the Baby singer any time soon.

She’s happy and her relationship with her mother Mandy Teefay is also going in a better direction. Bieber on the other hand was seen attending church after this news came out as reported by Daily Mail. Is it safe to assume that the heartbroken lad who is having hard time forgetting Gomez is praying to get her back?

According to E! the publication has heard that the former Disney actress has “completely moved on” from her on-again off-again bae. The insider also added that Gomez is “not interested in getting back together with him anytime soon.” Ouch! Sorry Bieber.

The source further continued that the 25-year-old “is much happier doing her own thing. Selena rarely even talks about Justin anymore, and is fully open to dating.” Selena Gomez has been spotted hanging out with her friends lately.

She’s making new music, and her collaborations with Puma and Coach are also going pretty well. She’s also on good terms with her mother Mandy, who wasn’t in favor of her relationship with Justin Bieber.

So, this chapter seems to be closed. But is it really? “You can never say never with her and Justin, but at the moment they aren’t in contact and she’s feeling very strong and content,” said the source. So once again a small window of hope is left of open for the shippers of this couple.

Justin Bieber has not spoken about this latest news openly or directly. But fans think he might be giving some hints. In his latest Instagram story, he shared the song that he has been listening to with the caption “Really helped me today.”

The song is called ‘Cycles’ and it’s by Jonathan McReynolds. So why did this song help Bieber? Did it help him deal with the emotional crisis Selena is putting him through? The song is about the devil making one go in cycles – akin to his relationship with Selena Gomez.

One line of the song says, “This will end like I want it to, I win.” Does this mean Bieber is not losing hope? Will he try to win Selena Back? Only time can tell.