Selena Gomez is here with a new hairdo. This new look of hers is so retro with a tinge of mysterious, it’s bound to make you curious. Gomez who is a hair chameleon and has a habit of changing her style multiple times in a single month, was spotted on Instagram with a bob.

Unlike the previous bob cuts that she rocked, this one has curled in fringes framing her forehead, and the chin-length bob itself is also curled inward. A picture of Gomez sporting this new do was first spotted on Hung Vanngo’s Instagram. The makeup artist shared a series of photos with a mysterious caption that read, “Coming soon…”

So, what’s coming soon? Guess we’ll have to wait to find this out. Gomez hasn’t yet shared a picture in this new haircut on her own account, neither has she talked about this latest change. However, stylist Stella Greenspan posted a picture of the former Disney star on her own Insta as well. The pic is one of those that Vanngo shared too.

Her caption reads, “Where’s Waldo? But also who’s the CUTEST, MOST KAWAII EVER?” In the images, Gomez is seen making absolutely adorable expressions at the camera and apart from her hair, her makeup also gives a vibe of older times. The Wolves singer is seen wearing pink eyeshadow with mascara, with pink blush-on, and a shocking pink lipstick.

This brunette bob might just be a wig, because only a few days back Gomez was seen wearing hair extensions and rocking a bold undercut. Before that though, she was sporting a brown bob following her appearance in a blonde bob. Selena Gomez has been experimenting a lot this year with her hair. However, one thing that remains common in all her looks is how gorgeous and flawless she looks in each one of them!