You think a splash of cold water on a particularly chilly day sucks? Well, not as much as double tapping someone’s picture on Instagram while stalking! Once you make that mistake while lurking on that special someone’s Instagram without you both even being in each other’s follower-following lists, you know you are doomed forever.

Celebrities have it worse; the whole world testifies to such a life-threatening mistake! That said former Disney star Selena Gomez just gave away that she has been hovering around on and off beau Justin Bieber’s Instagram account. Even though neither follows the other on Insta. The Same Old Love singer made the fatal mistake of giving some love to his picture on the social media network.

Eagle-eyed fans caught that within minutes! Perhaps Gomez forgot to immediately unlike the picture even though that wouldn’t have escaped notice. Or did she leave an I-was-her mark on Bieber’s picture on purpose? She liked a picture in which the Baby songster is standing beside his mother Pattie Mallette. So maybe, she liked it for his mum.

Selena Gomez liked


The two ladies do seem to be attached. As Justin’s mum recently told People that she totally adores Selena. About the actress, she said, “I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious.” Though Bieber and Gomez have been seen together a couple of times recently and seem to have grown closer, whether they are in a relationship or not is not yet out in the open.

Neither of the two stars has confirmed or denied that they are dating. Even Pattie said that she doesn’t know all that much about their personal relationship. Either way, it’s good to know that celebrities can also be as silly as we all are.