Selena Gomez is one of the most loved music artists all around the world. Ever since she has started her career, she has been on the career rise. With every passing day, the fans of this singer are multiplying. With each song she releases, the love of her fans enhances.

This week, the singer has come up with a special surprise for her fans, giving them an un-imaginative treat. Gomez has released a new version of her already launched album, Rare. This is a deluxe version, which has three tracks in it. The singer has decided to launch these songs to make the quarantine of her fans bearable. Surely, her idea is a good one, which has made her fans adore her even more.

The new songs

The titles of her new songs are She, Boyfriend, and Souvenir. Originally, the singer released thirteenth songs in her album. Now, with the three extra songs released by the singer, the fans now have around fifteen songs to listen. The announcement of this good news was made by the singer in a very chilled out manner. Selena, on her Instagram, announced the release of her music.

Ensuring that she doesn’t create much hype, considering the trauma caused by the disease, she uploaded two pictures on her profile. These were the pictures of the album of her deluxe album. Along with this picture, she also uploaded the picture of the text that talked about the issue of crisis being caused by corona virus pandemic. The songs that has received a lot of attention among the fans is ‘boyfriend’.

While talking to the fans about her song ‘boyfriend’, she said that during this pandemic, she is extremely worried about the safety of the people all over the world. Along with this, she also said that she will be donating around one dollar to the relief fund with each purchase from the music store. The album art cover is quite a good looking one, showing the singer in red lips and vibes from the retro time. This cover shows her neck tattoo in the most visible way possible.

Boyfriend: Track 1

‘Boyfriend’ is the track, which has received a lot of appreciation from the fans. This track is filled with confessions and a beat that is very catchy. However, a lot of people would consider it that this song is about her ex-boyfriend. If you are also think so, you need to know that the singer says that she does miss having a boyfriend on lonely nights, but can do without one surely.

Souvenir: Track 2

The second song released by the singer is named ‘Souvenir’. This song is a romantic track, which has a lot of raunchiness to it. After this songs, the next one is named as ‘She’. This track basically explains what she would say to her teen self. ‘I wish I could tell her’ is the most repetitive line in it, which says that she would have said that to her younger self if a chance was given.

If you have yet not listened to her songs yet, it is time to tune into the music store right now.