If you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or at least belong to the Avengers’ fandom horde, then you’d be aware of Evanstan.

Basically, Evanstan is the ship name that fans have given to the love that Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan share. Not only do their characters, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, love another but clearly the actors are also close friends.

However, now that Captain America is no more going to be seen in the Marvel universe, Seb has seemingly changed sides. Or did he always like Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the MCU better? Basically, the release of Avengers: Endgame gave birth to a meme that was meant to be popular.

America’s ass aka Captain America’s ass was made famous owing to a scene in which Steve looks down at his own past self, lying face first on the ground, with his butt looking like an entity of its own. The entire world cheered on America’s ass. However, in a new video you can see that the Romanian American actor appreciates Mackie’s ass a lot more than that of Evans’.

Buzzfeed released a fun video of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reading thirst tweets. One thirst tweet sent to the Playing It Cool actor read, “Anthony Mackie’s ass is the REAL America’s ass.” In response to this, Stan replied, “I concur.”

He didn’t just leave it at that. The 36-year-old added, “Chris Evans ain’t got nothing on you.” While we appreciate Sebastian’s love for Stackie, the ship name for him and Mackie, let’s not lie that Chris Evans is America’s ass and Mackie will have to win us over to take that title from him.

We don’t know about the others, but Mark Ruffalo sure thinks Chris’ ass is still the best, no? Meanwhile, in response to the thirst tweet, Anthony Mackie said, “Thank you. I work a lot to keep the bountiful nature of the round brown alive. So, enjoy it.” At the end of Endgame, an old, wrinkled Steve Rogers passed down his shield to Sam Wilson.

Wilson’s adventures as the new Captain America or Falcon with the Winter Soldier will fortunately not go uncovered. Disney+ is all set to release their show together soon called Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Regarding Cap’s adventures of when he went back in time to keep all the stones back at their places, we’ve not got any substantial hope for catching those as of yet.