The months-long quarantine that ensued the Corona Pandemic is about to end in Pakistan. 15th March was the day when Shafqat Mehmood, the Education Minister of the federal government of Pakistan had announced the commencement of a lock-down, leading to the closure of schools, colleges, and universities around the country. All kinds of educational activities were put to a halt in order to avoid the spread of Corona Virus across the country.

However, today, the education ministry has announced re-opening the educational institutes, as it is believed that the risk of Corona spread has mellowed down. As soon as this was announced through the press conference, all hell broke down on Twitter. People on social media showed their sentiments left, right, and center.

Some of the most hilarious reactions of people after the announcement of the re-opening of educational activities in the country are served fresh and hot right here!


  1. This guy over here showcased the condition of the students so well


2. If you are aware of the latest ‘garbage’ comment made by Yasir Hussain, you would know how much he is being trolled on social media these days.

3. This tweet shows the emotions of all the van wallas out there so well


5. THATs so damnnnn TRUE, BTW

6. Nawaz ud deen Sadique is so well at mortryaing all the moods. SO pro!

7. Well, teachers share the same emotions.

8. If you are a student, get ready to write essays on COVID 19 cause you are gonna do that eventually