The sun’s pro at what it does best: suck the moisture from us all! But while there is little that you can do in talking the sun into being a gentle dude, there is always something that you can do to protect yourself from the sun damage. It is rule of thumb to rush to the sunscreen for protection when it comes to your skin. But that’s not the end of the story because your hair stands in the middle of the same sun damage dilemma like your skin does but with no SPF to the rescue.

The sun works three-dimensionally in causing damage to your hair. First off, it makes your hair go lifeless and limp. This is because the scorching sun loves to dry your hair. Paired with humidity, the duo works to encourage hair fall too. Secondly, dust and sweat mix in to contribute to other hair problems like split ends and dandruff. Lastly, these evil villains in the hair tale treat the scalp harshly. In doing so, they cause sunburn and dryness. But hold on, before you deflate to a pessimist perspective, here are some tips that can help save your day.

Trim or Cut

If you’ve been waiting to get a haircut then there is no better time for it but the start of the sun’s wrath. If you are not up for a cut, you can always opt for trims that help to refresh your hair and regular aid in getting rid of split ends.

Hat the Heat Away

Try updating your look with a hat, which is the best way to save your hair from sun damage and dryness. As a plus, hats also look good, provided you carry them with style.

Say No to Chemicals

With the sun drilling down on your hair and scalp, causing all the potential damage it can, you can only imagine the state of your hair if you add chemicals. Try to experiment less with your hair color when the sun is at its all-time high and wants to get drunk on your hair moisture. These chemicals from color or any hair products will take your hair dryness and damage up a notch. You obviously do not want this. Hence, wherever, you smell chemicals turn the other way and don’t look back.

Zinc Oxide

There is a compound that is, after all, a hero for your hair and it goes with the name, zinc oxide. Try massaging the zinc oxide sunblock cream in your scalp areas that are victims of thinning hair. You can also apply this sunblock on the crown of your hair, which is vulnerable to sun damage.

Add A Scarf

If not the hat, then the scarf, maybe? Because these can help you make a style statement as well as work to protect your hair from the sun without having to add any sunscreen.

Oil for Protection

Oils can add greatly in saving the hair from sun damage. Not only do oils add shine and smoothen the cuticle but also guard against the sun’s cruel UV rays. Some of the most important ones include coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado. Looks like tips from grandma’s cabinet are always authentic.

Leave-in Condition

There is another trick from the hair protection bag too and it is called a leave-in conditioner. Go for hair products that have a substantial amount of SPF in them if you have to work outdoors a lot. You might also want to try a sunscreen-containing conditioner or a special hair mask that offer sun protection. Make sure to wash off these products from your hair as you get back to your home.