With the New Year just around the corner, the beauty world is still not ready to put brakes on new, crazy beauty trends. Another bizarre trend is on its way before the year comes to end, but we still hope to see sane beauty ideas.

Until that we have to deal with “Santa hat eyebrows”. After assail of dragon brows, barbed-wire brows, and Oh God feather brows (it hurts to even think about them), the Santa hat eyebrows is THE beauty trend for this festive season.

The festive season has got all of us excited and if you really want to get in the swing of festiveness, not wanting to stop at pulling an over-sized sweater or pouty red lips, you should try these new festive eyebrows.

There are a number of ways and techniques to achieve the look. The first way is to color your eyebrows red and then draw a bobble at the end to make the Santa hat’s arch. If you don’t want to pull that red brow for long, you can paint your brow by using a red and white eyeliner.

You can always make alterations, adding any sparkly gems or glitter to make it more festive. The look is easy and you can always watch the makeup tutorials that are going viral.

The trend started when Canadian make-up artist Taylor R posted a video on her Instagram introducing the Christmas tree eyebrows. Many other beauty bloggers and make-up lovers followed her pursuit. The bright green and red designs are eye-catching and don’t look so bad, blending in the all the decorations for the Christmas.

The look might not be suitable for a casual, sane morning but you can easily flaunt them on a Christmas party. So would you be brave enough to try these extra-festive bright red brows?