A classy pair of sandals can decide your fate. Imagine a scenario where you’re wearing a crappy, old, and unfashionable pair of heels. You bump right into the employer of your dreams and try to engage him, tangling his dull brain in the charm of your knowledge. He seems pretty impressed and you know he is about to offer you a job. But then he glances at your feet and uh-oh! Better luck next time, girl. The same can happen with a potential lover too.

This is why your look should always be on-point. No one wants to be overlooked because of a pair of sandals, no? While you can’t change people, who judge other people by their feet, what you can do is get a pedicure and go for sandal shopping! To help you out, here’s a list of sandal trends 2018 so that you know which sort of sandals you should look for to ensure that your classic heels are more than just stylish; they’re trendy too!

Retro stilettos 

Remember good old days when pointy-toed heels were in vogue? Well, those days are back! The retro style has been reinvented and can today be seen in either boot form or in the shape of stiletto pumps. A style that has been taken from the 80’s and this year, it can be seen with kitten heels and in an amalgam of other trendy designs. Getting yours in pastels or bright popping hues would be the right move.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are another trend for this year that has been dug out from the past. It is being seen in a number of styles and shapes. Kitten heeled boots and sandals are both in. In a pair of these not only will you find yourself looking snazzy but comfortable as well. They are not really all that difficult to balance. They don’t bring along the fear of tripping but manage to make you look a wee bit taller as well. From Prada to ASOS, every single brand has taken this shoe trend to heart.

Embellished sandals

Graphic details are also everywhere this year. On the face of handbags, on jackets, on what not! Details are now being seen even on sandals in one too many forms. They come in subtle and elegant designs in the form of jewels, fur, and feathers. Fringes for those women who like to keep it sassy, silk ruffles for the chic ladies, and graphic overlays for the funky. There are a whole lot of choices so that you can go for whichever suits your style.

Snakeskin sandals

Snakeskin is the new cool. Sandals wearing snakeskin have been displayed by several designer houses for their spring/summer collections. On a night out with your girls or on a date with your man, a snakeskin heel would look lovely. Snakeskin is being seen covering several many styles from strappy heels to cowboy boots. The retro style had taken a break but now its back in faux leather form. Designer houses like Givenchy and Ellie Saab have shown their own versions too.

Front laces

The lace-up style is also back and this time, it’s hotter than ever. Boots are coming with front laces, heels are also taking a hint and being seen with lace details. Even flat sandals are hit these days with laces because why not? Laces have a way of giving a shoe a particular look. They make flats look cute, sandals look chic, and boots look cool. Perfect for more than just spring and summer, these can carry you to the end of the year.

Espadrille wedges

Step out in style in a pair of Espadrille Wedges. They’re comfy, they don’t make your feet ache after wearing them for long hours, and they boost your height as well. Not to forget, Espadrille Wedges look super cute and modish. These are another popular choice for this year and this is just the right time to fetch a pair. With a short, breezy dress, these wedges would look great. Celebrities have given their nod of approval as well.


Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching so no wonder slides are back. This time, however, they have come with a twist of sporty or funky. Not only do they look ultra-cool but there’s no comfier option than these. You can fetch a simple pair with a sporty sole or you can go for one which is more on the chic side with fur or ruffle details both of which are totally in. Metallic slides are another cool option that you can choose this season.

PVC details

Here’s something new; clear plastic details. Last year, when the PVC sandal trend was birthed on the runway, critics didn’t seem to be so fond of the idea. However, it spread like the wildfire and made its way to everyone’s heart and now it is a thing. Sandals with plastic heels or with plastic uppers, you should totally add a design you like to your to-buy list. The transparent PVC trend has been seen on the NFFW and also covering the feet of celebs and fashionistas.

Block heels

Easy to walk in, the book heels style is also back; this time with a touch of fun. You can find colourful block heels or those with PVC details. They’ve been noticed in the form of platform sandals as well. The block heel trend is not a new one, but it keeps coming back. It doesn’t seem like block heels would be emptying their space at the trend stage any time soon. Which is great because there’s no denying that block heels are easier to walk in along with being steezy.