June 26, 2022

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Samsung is presenting the future of foldable and flexible smartphones

Named for the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold, Samsung wants to revolutionize the folding smartphone market with new concepts.

After televisions, monitors and classic smartphones, Samsung is trying to offer new folding smartphones at CES 2022. If the brand is mainly named for its models Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung will not count on stops. Expect several models in the future, some of which are on the border between the folding and sliding screen, and are scrollable.

Unparalleled flexibility OLED panels

As always Samsung, the company is not limited to the field of smartphones and is very diverse, large, and its use may not be the same for everyone. We start with two smartphone ideas to embed OLED Flex G panels and create a three page screen. In addition to folding inwards, they can also go outside, so they can rest on the same screen as the chart below. So it allows the smartphone to stabilize itself.

The second prototype looks like a tablet with an OLED Flex S panel. It can be turned inwards or outwards, though in three parts. All of these ideas, according to the brand, are easy to transport and useful in many situations. In the same style, there is a third screen, which can only be folded in the middle, and it looks like a complete tactile laptop.

The brand also seems to have put forward the concept of a sliding smartphone. With smaller dimensions than the Z folder, this device saves space by storing the second screen “inside” while still being able to open at any time to take advantage of the slightest surplus. , Some functions cannot be ignored.

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New smartphones coming soon?

In the category of folding screens, we also find screens that are circular or very curved screens which we use to call flexible screens. For example, we can easily imagine these in large cylinder advertising panels. The model offered by Samsung is much smaller than that and has a Flex Note panel. It has the uniqueness of not distorting the spread image.

Credit: Samsung

Of course, all of these comments do not mean that in a year or less, Samsung will release products in its favor. On the one hand, it means that these screens can be used by other brands, Samsung will resell them. On the other hand, the manufacturer is experimenting and demonstrating what can be done to go even further than what is offered to us today.

Over the next few years, we can expect some of these technologies to reach us even more as the folded smartphone market begins to gain more and more brands. Does Samsung want to step aside to explore other areas or strengthen its leadership position with newer models?

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