This year has had a knack for presenting the most bizarre of trends. Most of them have elicited nays in sync with the absurd trends that Instagrammers have kept churning out. Even the recent Fashion Weeks, have exhibited some trends that have people rolling their eyes (think curtain headbands) The fashion industry has tossed a myriad of styles too, some of which have been admired and accepted despite the silliness (remember thick rubber-soled sneakers by Balenciaga?) While others have been brutally rejected. (Platform Crocs)

There have also been those trends that haven’t made a noisy entry but been welcomed lovingly (like the shrunken bag trend and mismatched earrings) Now there is another trend that has basically been lurking around for quite a while. Introducing mismatched heels that give no cares to gravity! It all started last year but only now is it a ‘thing’ since style queen Salena Gomez has sported a pair at the 3rd Annual InStyle Awards that took place at The Getty Center on this Monday in Los Angeles, California.

The former Disney star was seen looking elegant in a simple ruched Jacquemus black mini-dress with spaghetti straps. She was looking ultra-hot with her smoky eye makeup, hair pulled back into a low bun, and gold hoop earrings. She was sporting a pair of chunky wooden heels from the same designer. The mismatched heels being the highlight of her look.

The offbeat Jacquemus shoes were nude in color and had one shoe with a round lemon-like heel, while the other had three wooden blocks of different shapes. Salena stole the show with her look, leaving everyone in awe. The geometric heels perfectly went with each other and the overall getup of The Hearts Wants What It Wants singer. Where most people have found this look classy, for others it is something they would rather avoid.

This isn’t the first time, Salena has been in the headlines for her style and certainly not the last. Gomez’s stylist, Kate Young, had given fans a sneak-peek of the heels when she posted a picture of the unconventional wooden heels on her Instagram. Gomez was at the event to hand the award for Makeup Artist of the Year to Hung Vanngo.

“Hung came in and he just radiated passion,” said the actress, “And I think that sometimes it can be a little hard to remember why you do what you do and to be passionate about it. He doesn’t pay attention just to the details of what he’s doing to somebody, but he cares about how they feel and how they wear it and works so hard at being on time, caring what other people feel, what other people are doing, and if everybody on the same team, and I just think that’s really, really special.”

“He is extremely vibrant, he’s funny, he’s hilarious, and he cares a lot about me and a lot of people in this room, so I am beyond honored to give you this award Hung,” continued Salena. “You deserve it, you have worked so hard and you are absolutely Makeup Artist of the Year.”

Gomez isn’t the first one to rock these heels though. Earlier this very month, model Emily Ratajkowski wore the exact same pair at an event during Paris Fashion Week. She was spotted wearing a collared dress in white that had a deep neckline, her look jazzed up all the more with mismatched earrings. Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomie Harris, and Helena Bonham are among the few celebrities who have rocked mismatched heels in the recent past.