June 26, 2022

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Russia suspends cooperation with ISS until sanctions are lifted – La Nouvel Tribune

Russia has said it will suspend cooperation with other countries International Space Station Until the sanctions imposed on the country are lifted. Dmitry RokosinPresident of the Russian Space Agency RoscosmosAnnounced On Twitter That Restoring normal relationships between partnersOnly possible with ISS and other projects ” Complete and unconditional removal of illegal barriers“.

The position of our allies is clear: sanctions will not be lifted Says Rokosin. ” The purpose of sanctions is to kill the Russian economy, to plunge our people into despair and hunger, and to bring our country to its knees.Rogozin added that Roscosmos would soon set a date for ending Russia’s involvement with the ISS, which would then be communicated to Russian government officials.. Sanctions taken against Russia Since the beginning of the attack Ukraine The International Space Station (ISS) had announced that it could have repercussions Dmitry Rokosin In mid-March. He warned of the danger of crushing the station.

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