The Batman series fans had been waiting for the next part of the series for quite a while now. With the news of Robert Pattinson donning the avatar of the next batman, the fans went crazy and couldn’t wait to see him as their favourite character. Though the wait has been painfully long, the trailer that was released today made the fans ecstatic. This DC movie is surely one of the most sought after movies of the year 2020.


The Pandemic And The Batman Movie

Due to the Corona pandemic issue, the shooting of the movie had stalled. A lot of people got disappointed, as they thought they will have to wait a lot for this movie now. BUT, to everyone’s surprise, Matt Reeves, the director of the movie, has offered quite a visual treat for the fans. The teaser dropped by him is quite substantive in size and gave a good glance of the new batman.

What You Can See In The Trailer

Like always, the backdrop of the movie still is the Gotham City, with Batman running behind the criminals. All the nefarious forces in the city are doing their level best to fail Batman in his mission to protect the city. The trailer shows a leap of two years before the career of Bruce Wayne as a Batman. The director, through his trailer, made it clear that the Batman is not the Batman yet.


Other Characters Of The Movie

This trailer showcased and introduced all the major characters of the movie. Well, Almost. Apart from Pattinson, the movie also features James Gordon as well as Zoe Kravitz. You must have remembered them from Jrey Wright and Catwoman movies, respectively. Apart from them, the voice of Alfred from Andy Serkis can also be heard in this trailer. What makes this movie further exciting is that it showcases the journey of these characters becoming what they actually become.

The Surprise Around Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne has a lot of fans, globally, The well-kept image of Bruce Wayne has changed through this trailer. He is not shown neat and clean, rather has a gothic look to it. His image is shown unkept in the trailer, which intrigues the people into watching this movie even more.

The Release Date

Initially, the moviemakers had announced to release the movie in 2021, June. However, the corona pandemic would not make this happen on the announced time. Now, the movie will be shown in the cinemas in October 2021. Just like you, as the die-hard fan of Batman, I am also devastated at this news.