Ever been in such a hurry that you’ve decided to leave behind your clothes and just showed up in your bathrobe and towel? Nope, eh? Well, now it’s all cool to do that and pop up dressed supremely casually because Rita Ora has been there, done that. The 26-year-old singer was seen walking down the EMAs’ red carpet in a white dressing gown, hair bound in a towel and look finished off with a layer on layer diamond necklace and immaculate makeup.

The RIP singer’s bathing robe had a train that an assistant kept helping her with. It had the opening high up on the waist allowing the songstress to reveal her toned legs, elegant and sparkly high heels along with giving the audience a glimpse of her, uh, knickers. The singer sure knew how to make causal look glamorous.

This, of course, brought about an onslaught of negative comments from around, but she was already prepared for all that drama. After confidently getting her pictures clicked she ran backstage for continuing her preparations. But there is more to this than just promoting casual fashion. Rita had actually rocked the look for a skit at the beginning of the EMAs.

The skit was about her being invited to host the show at the eleventh hour, so she hurried through London in her bathrobe to play her part at the ceremony. This time around she was seen wearing a shorter version of the dressing gown and had switched her heels for sneakers. The star changed her ensemble multiple times at the MTV European Video Music Awards for her performances on stage.

The British singer had recently told the news about how thrilled she was to be hosting these EMAs. She had said, “I’m so excited to be hosting this year’s MTV EMAs in my hometown… I still remember how much fun my first EMAs was in Frankfurt in 2012, when I performed RIP I can’t wait to get back on the stage to host and perform.”

Rita also posted her picture in the dressing gown on Instagram and the reaction of fans was mixed. While some thought it was ridiculous others were all praise about it. One even commented, “How can towels be that gorgeous on a person? because It’s you who put it on ! You look beautiful ✨✨👑”

Before putting up her picture, she posted a short video (a part of the play) that showed her rushing to the award show in the shorter version of the bathrobe. The caption read, “Made it just in time to host @mtvema going live Now! Stay tuned to my Instagram throughout the show for a chance to come and meet me live on tour! Whos watching? 💓”

P.S: Jokes apart, even though Rita Ora made it to the headlines with her quirky choice of dressing, we still think you must abstain from showing up in public in a bathrobe.