The morning sunshine rays make her squint and cover her head under the blankets, snoozing the alarm clock for the gazillion time. Suddenly, she jumps out in her bed. Its 8:45 am. Oh no! It’s late, again! She rushes, pulls over a sweater lying on the chair and grabs her coffee, heading out to a day which sure is going to be bad. Did this remind you of yourself in the morning? If yes, continue reading.

A crazy rushed morning leaves you grumpy and in a frenzy for the whole day. All you think the entire day is about going back to your bed to sleep, thus feeling cranky and fatigued. The first few minutes of the day can set you in a mood of productivity if you inculcate and follow some good morning habits like:

  1. Get up early

If you get up early in the morning, you will have enough time to have a shower, exercise and make breakfast for yourself. But if you are sleeping late, probably binge-watching till 3 am, there are less chances of you waking up early. So first step, get in bed early! After 7-8 hours of sleep, you would definitely feel refreshed and be in high spirits all day long.

  1. No screen time for 10 – 15 minutes atleast

The moment we open our eyes, we go for our mobile phones. Scrolling down and checking all our notifications on Facebook and Instagram, and end up spending a good time lying down doing nothing. It enslaves you to technology. Give some time to your present self to be more aware and focus on your daily goal. Adjust your eyes to the morning light.

  1. Hydrate

You just didn’t drink a sip of water for past 8 hours, your body is dehydrated. Sit up correctly, i.e. roll over to your right side, sit without hunching and then stand. Get a glass of water for yourself. Add a lemon to it, for it has various benefits. A source of Vitamin E, amazing for weight loss, freshens your mouth and even boosts metabolism and digestion. This will even help you to fix your caffeine intake.

4. Stretch

After making your bed (it may seem useless but it will give a sense of accomplishment or you won’t probably pull them over again), STRECTH! This will hardly take 5-10 minutes but the result will leave your body loosened up and relaxed for the whole day. Start from simple neck stretches, followed by leg and back stretches. A few yoga poses will help a lot too.

  1. Meditate

Starting your day in a peaceful environment can boost your energy for the day. I assure you this is not a boring habit. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, focus on your breath and clear your mind. Even if you meditate for two minutes, you will see a drastic change in your productiveness.

  1. Eat breakfast

This may sound obvious, but many people skip breakfast and end up feeling tired. A good breakfast will give you energy and alert your mind. A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast consists of lean protein, whole grains, and fruits. A green smoothie will work like magic.

  1. Set goals and think positive thoughts

Now that you are almost ready to start your day, make a to-do list for the day and prioritize it, so you have a sense of purpose for your day. Start your day with some empowering and positive thoughts. Be thankful.

A good start to your day can help you achieve more, feel good about yourself and stay healthy. You may struggle in the start, but you will be good to go in few days. Stay happy.