After the murder of George Floyd by a cop, the situation in various states of the United States of America has turned ugly. The black man from Minneapolis was murdered on 25th May, and since then it has been downhill situation for the country. As soon as the news of this murder went out, protests erupted. Blacks came out in the streets and raised their voices against the discrimination against blacks in a country of Whites. With time, these riots got aggressive, and they have clouded the entire country.

Curfew at 6 pm in the city:

The latest victim of the unrest has been the city of Philadelphia, where people have come out to raise their voices against the murder of George Floyd. The riots got so aggressive that the officials in Philadelphia had to take an action in order to bring the situation under control. To achieve peace, they announced a curfew in the city. According to the announcement, there will be a curfew of 6 pm in the city, which will bring peace to the city. However, people who have to perform some essential duties will be allowed to do so.

Announcements by the mayor of Philadelphia:

This announcement was made by Jim Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia. While talking about it, he said that everything that has happened in the city is appalling. He found all that sad, but hoped that things will get better iwth time. He also requested all the citizens of Philadelphia to clean up all the damage, which was caused by the rioters. Along with him, the Police Commissioner of Philadelphia, Danielle Outlaw, also requested the citizens to respect the curfew and refrain from coming out of their houses. He said that unless it is urgent and imperative for anyone to come out in the public, he should try to stay indoors.

The damage caused by Riots:

According to the reports, by now the police has arrested around 207 people. These people were involved in illegal activities, including burglary, theft as well as the assault on police. They were violating the codes, and doing everything that has been outlawed by the constitution and relevant laws. Alongside, it injured more then thirteen officers. These injuries include chemical burns as well as injuries from broken property.

Rioters breaking into outlets:

Even though a lot of rioting destruction has been cleaned up, seems like the looting is still intact. People are looting others, and the violence has continued. In a video that was captured by NBC10, it was clear that people, while protesting, were breaking into varied outlets, which included Burlington Coat Factory, Aramingo Avenue as well as Walmart. At all these places, the police arrived on time and tried to negotiate with the protesters. Damage that was done by these rioters was however quite extreme, which led to the loss of hundreds of dollars for the owners of these outlets.

What is causing these riots to aggravate?

One major source behind these riots increasing in various states of America is the viral pictures on Social Media. Such pictures aggravate people and they eventually decide to be a part of the riots.