The capitalistic World of today is hilariously bizarre. The need to show-off has escalated to such a level that people are OKAY to buy anything ridiculously expensive, as long as it is considered to be a status symbol.


I, on the other hand, cant for sure afford any of such stupid luxuries. Some of the ridiculously expensive items that people have bought with a super huge amount of money are listed here.

Louis Vuitton Band-aids

Okay so if you have ever gotten a cut and plastered it with a Louis Vuitton Band-aid, I must say that you are super-duper rich.

Just imagine someone wearing a Louis Vuitton dress and coordinating it with a Louis Vuitton Band-Aid.

Fancy AF!!!Brandaid in 2020 | Bad and boujee, Band aid, Beige aesthetic

 Gold toilet paper:

Yeah, you read that right. Golf toilet paper is a real thing, and filthy rich people actually buy it.

On the other hand, I don’t even have the money to get some aluminium foil paper and pretend that it’s gold LMAO!!!

Billionaire Bathroom Tissues : 22 Carat Gold Toilet Paper


Gold Bullion Mouse:

People who are not satisfied with having gold toilet papers go a step further. They get their hands on a gold bullion mouse, which costs them around 36,00 dollars…

I just wanna curl up in my cheap blanker and cry myself to sleep

The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse-Amazing Computer Mice


Marc Jacobs hair tie:

If Louis Vuitton Band-aid was not enough, rich people also buy Marc Jacobs hair ties.

Each of these ties costs around thirty dollars..

Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories Embellished Wingnut Coil Hair Ties |  Editor's Picks Gift Guide For 2015 | POPSUGAR Fashion UK Photo 97


Valentino Men’s Flip Flop:

Ever heard about a pair of flip flops that costs as much as your house rent?

Valentino is here to make you feel poor.

Valentino Men’s Flip Flop cost around ₹45k, and people actually buy them!!


Buy Valentino Men's Havaianas Flip Flop, Army Fuchsia, 38 M EU/5 M US at