Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s death has completed two months and the investigations have now moved ahead to some satisfactory levels. The fact that this case has now been transferred to CBI has made fans feel satisfied with the trajectory this case is moving to. However, the latest development is that of the interview given by his girlfriend Rhea Chakarborty to the channel Aaj Tak. The interviewer was Rajdeep Sardesai, who asked hard-hitting questions from Rhea.

The Europe Trip

According to Rhea Chakraborty, she had gone to a Europe trip with Sushant in the month of October, last year. While talking to the channel, the actress revealed that it was during this trip to Europe that she had realized about the mental illness of the actor. According to her, Sushant was also dealing with claustrophobia.

The Twitter Meltdown

As soon as the trailers and shots of the interview went on-air, the people of internet started grilling Rajdeep Sardesai about it. The Twitter users were extremely annoyed of the fact that he had interviewed someone who is under constant scrutiny by the police and media for allegedly being a part of Sushant’s death.

People on the internet showed their anger over his remarks of calling Sushant a small-time actor and not a star at all.

The reaction of Sushant’s Family

Sushant’s family has also been quite vocal about this interview. Shweta Singh Kirti, the sister of Sushant Singh, has slammed the interview. According to her, as Rhea is the prime accused of this case, there is no reason why she should be there answering questions of an interviewer in front of the camera. She slammed the channel and asked the government to not let the actress give more interviews on this topic. Alongside, Shweta also slammed the interviewer over calling her brother a mediocre actor.

Answering the interview questions

While answering the questions of the interview, Rhea made it clear that she and her family were not living off Sushant’s money. She said that even if the accounts of the actor are checked, it would be revealed that no transitions have been made in which the money moved from Sushant’s account to Rhea’s account. Along with this, she also said that, along with her brother and Sushant, she has made a new company, for which she has paid an amount of 66 thousand rupees. She, time and again, focused on the fact that she had never asked Sushant to pay any amount of money for her or her family.