Liquid Lipsticks are those new beauty products, which has gotten a great level of fan following across the world. The reason behind them getting so much love from the makeup junkies is their ability to stay intact for a very long time. Compared to the regular matt lipsticks, these are a bit thicker and voluminous.


Every month, a lot of liquid lipsticks are launched, but it’s only a few that catch the attention of the makeup lovers. One of these liquid lipsticks ranges that have become a center of attention for the users is the Anastasia Soare Company. Though the company had initially started as celebrity eyebrows shaping, it has gained a lot of progress in other beauty products as well. Through this, it has made several billion, adding to the profit of the company.


Allure Beauty Box Liquid Lipsticks

This new range offers varied shades, while the most vibrant ones are trust issues and bohemian. These shades are a part of the allure beauty box, which was launched quite successfully in December 2019. These two mentioned hues have added drama, making the mulberry color much more in demand.


For anyone opting for a higher glamorous look, these lipsticks are surely an add-on. Applying these lipsticks is pretty straight forward. They come with a paddle applicator. It helps in applying this product precisely, in the exact shape and form as the user wants to apply it. 

The fact that this product doesn’t crease or looks too cakey makes it a must-have product for those who always want a well put-up look.


This lipstick is a long-lasting option to opt for. Even after four hours of application, it doesn’t faint and there is no need to reapply it. I, for instance, downed a large cup of coffee and two cups of water, yet the lipstick stayed intact. There was not a single, not worthy smudge. 


AmRezy Palette and Why You Need It

Finding the right highlighter that would highlight your cheek in just the right manner is a bit tricky. People usually cannot seem to narrow their search down to the perfect highlighter. However, the AmRezy Palette launched by the Anastasia Beverly Hills, this year in January, has come up with the right shades, making it quite a favorite amongst makeup lovers.


This has rejoiced the makeup junkies all across the globe. The theme followed by the designers of this palette is nature. All its shades are quite natural, making it easy for the user to merge it with the skin. The case which holds it has a shimmery outlook, and inside there are a total of sixteen shades. The turquoise color is vibrant and metallic called LEO.


Apart from this, the neutral pink color is called Anastasia. With each product having a shadow of great pigment, it stays vibrant on the skin for the longest time. Merging these various shades can end the user up with a bold hue. If you are opting for a glam night look, this method would work great for you.