May 17, 2022

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Review: ROG RTX 3090 Ti STRIX LC OC 24 GB

Welcome to the lab today, the final card currently issued by NVIDIA, namely the new RTX 3090 Ti. We were able to get a copy of Asus with the ROG RTX 3090 Ti in the Strix LC OC version. A few months ago we were already able to test RTX 3090 Strix OC version From Asus. As you can see, this is a version Volume of water That we received. So it is a liquid cooling system. We have already tested this cooling policy ROG RX 6800 XT LC OC.

This RTX 3090 Ti model will definitely be the last high-end model offered by NVIDIA in ampere configuration before the arrival of the next generation. As with the existing RTX 3090, this is an “extraordinary” card. Its price should be 2,249 euros based on its size Founder version. Note also that NVIDIA targets the creators of this card Gamers. IExploiting 24GB of memory can only be done with one approach Creator With OctaneRender, Blender, DaVinci Resolve and many more. In addition, its price is lower than cards for professional use, which makes this application even more attractive.

Now if you have a 4K screen or 8K model, this ROG RTX 3090 Ti Strix OC 24 GB will do exactly that job! A special thank you Asus France In order to provide this Sample For the official launch of Nvidia!

The receipt of the card on Friday evening and the decision of the National Democratic Alliance today did not allow the full article to be completed. We will update the article tomorrow with all the information related to PCB of this ROG RTX 3090 Ti Strix LC OC.

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