June 26, 2022

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Resident Evil 4: Remake Clear, Expected Changes | Xbox One

Still can’t believe there is a remake of Resident Evil 4? Fanbyte’s latest information should convince you, and we can say that Capcom did not save itself.

Back to the basics of vision?

Whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure: Capcom has not completed the Resident Evil remakes! The best images Second And the third Opus (sold 5 million copies for both) was enough to make the studio laugh, so why stop there? Despite waiting many more months for the actual news release, Citizenship Evil4 The remake is inevitably approaching regularization. After VGC or VG247, the site today Fanbite Adds a layer with new expressions in its development.

Compared to the game in 2005, our American colleagues tell us that a lot of elements will be transformed, starting with a situation that is slightly different than its predecessor, and moving towards a climate of terror. . Quotes Fanbyte’s introduction Citizenship Evil4 The remake, which starts directly at night and in the dark and scary village. A good part of the adventure takes place just before daylight, while many secondary characters play a very important role at this time. A way to get inspiration from the first demos of the game offered at that time on the Nintendo GameCube.

Is a facelift expected in another game mode?

The already gigantic, storyline will not be Capcom’s only project. The developer must reconsider the separate ways mode of the PS2 version, which must be combined with the assignment mode of the GameCube version, which can be unlocked after finishing the main story. The goal behind this idea is to mix the two methods to deliver real, complete content. The latter may be provided in the main story or in the DLC, but according to rumors, it will be richer and more coherent content than the original content. As a reminder, you played the role of Ada Wong in a small campaign to collect samples of the Black Parasite for Albert Wesker.

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Fanbite’s analysis concludes by noting that formalization may take place in early 2022, but it works safely. This period can actually be extended, with the fault of internal growth and marketing delays. It should also be noted that the development will be complicated due to the change of developer: originally handed over to M-Two Studio, we have received a mixed remake of Resident Evil 3, the project would have gone back. – From home. The announcement and formalization of the Resident Evil 4 remake will only be in a few more weeks.