Life is precious and while the aging clock is ticking, there is a lot to worry about. Such as those deep lines on your face, setting the foundation for wrinkles. Or those greying hair that dye can only hide to a certain time until it is recoated again. While aging creams, lotion, and potions claim big and are willing to make hollow promises in exchange for a few bucks, there is something exciting cooking too.

A new study has just revealed that wine and chocolate, two incredible things in life, can help to slow the aging clock. Even though it sounds too good to be true but studies don’t lie, now do they?

Researchers from the Brighton University and Exeter University worked on this miracle study and found out that the chemical compounds in these two ingredients work to magically restore youth. These compounds rejuvenate cells, which restores their state of youth.

In fact, the team of researchers said that red wine and chocolate works to rewind the aging gear within a few hours. The team said older cells divided and started having longer telomeres.

Researcher Dr. Eva Latorre commented, “These old cells were looking like young cells. It was like magic.” Additionally, the health benefits of chocolates and red wine extend to weight management, cholesterol improvement, enhanced heart health, and better memory. Previous studies have also been highlighting the positive side of chocolates and wine so much so that chocolate has come to be known as the ingredient that does not cause acne but cures it.

Such a finding provides more reason to frequently take red wine and chocolate. So the next time you have them, you don’t have to guilty, rather you have science’s permission to have all the chocolates and red wine in the world.