December 9, 2021

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Record of 35 new gravitational waves!

Gravitational waves are the mark left in the space-time of extreme cosmic events. Astronomers have now added 35 findings of new gravitational waves to their estimated 90 counts. The secrets of strange and attractive objects such as black holes and stars in neutrons can finally be unraveled.

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[EN VIDÉO] Gravitational waves: Detecting them is explained in a minute
That’s it, gravitational waves have been detected. These fluctuations in space-time come from the fusion of two black holes that are approximately 30 times larger than our Sun. Find out in this video how Lyco scientists were able to take these first measurements.

Black holes or Neutron stars collide, The impact of which is like a tremor to space time. It’s like throwing a big pebble in a puddle. A wave forms. A gravitational wave. An event was first discovered five years ago. Today, a team reports that it has noticed at least 35 of these messages Gravitational waves. The record brings the total number of findings to 90!

The Astronomers Of Oscar (Excellent ARC center for gravitational wave detectionReported that the scenes took place between November 2019 and 2019 Tuesday 2020. Of these gravitational waves, a few stand alone. GW191219_163120, for example, as a result of a conflict between Black hole And one of the fewest massive neutron stars ever discovered. Refers to GW191204_171526 Fusion Two black holes, one of which turns vertically. GW191129_134029, for its part, was born from the junction of two black holes. Mass No more than 18 times the total சோலைல். GW200220_061928 was created from black holes 145 times heavier than our star.

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In total, the researchers counted 32 Gravitational waves The black hole was created by collisions and both from collisions between the black hole and the neutron star. The last of the 35 messages observed is a mystery. The lightest object in collision, in fact, appears to be too heavy to be a neutron star, but too light to be a black hole.

Discover the secrets of the pair of black holes and neutron stars

“A wide range of properties like this are attractive, Isobel Romero-Shaw, Monash University Researcher (Australia) OzGrav Newsletter. Characteristics such as mass and rotation of these pairs can tell how they are formed. – If objects first formed separately or if they came from a pair of stars, for example. The diversity of our observations raises interesting questions about the origin of this pair of black holes and neutron stars.

In particular the multiplicity of findings allows scientists not only to study the individual characteristics of the observed pairs, but also to consider the study of these cosmic phenomena as a population now. Enough to begin to understand the trends and global characteristics of these radical products. Researchers have already analyzed the properties of mass distribution and rotation and are trying to link the pair to the sites of formation of serious materials. “There are still unexplained features in these distributions that open up some exciting research questions to explore in the future.”, Says Shanika Calaudage, a researcher at Monac University.

Astronomers recall that none of this would have been possible without mobilizing high-level international cooperation and monitoring centers. Link (USA), Virgo (Italy) and Cochrane (Japan). Without continuous improvement of the detectors, for several months, the sensitivity of the instruments increases. One day, hoping to capture the created gravitational waves The stars exploded in a supernova. The fourth monitoring session is scheduled to begin in August 2022. Meanwhile, researchers will continue to work on data already collected with the aim of detecting new types of gravitational waves.