One of the main reasons for becoming a victim of various kinds of health issues and diseases is “laziness”.

Yes, you read it right! Laziness enhances our contact with the bacteria spread in the environment as well as the chances of us getting affected by them. most of the people become pray of various kinds of viruses solely because of their negligence.

Negligence of washing their hands after using a public toilet, negligence while eating in a public restaurant that is not hygienically good for them, and many other instances lead to some severe health issues. We need to acknowledge the fact that bacteria are EVERYWHERE and we cannot afford to fall prey to it.

We need to make sure that we reduce its contact
with us wherever possible. One of the main sources of bacteria that gets its way inside our house is SHOES. Shoes that we wear while going out and bring them back to our house when we get back to become a source of many diseases.

1) The bacteria might cause you an infection

Taking off the shoes while entering your or someone’s house is considered to be a basic part of everyday mannerism in most of the countries. However, in many countries, it looks a little awkward to take off your shoes before you enter the house.

Shoes became a source of bacteria coming into the house and can end up being extremely harmful to the folks living in the house. Millions of germs stick with our shoes when we go out wearing them and carrying them around in our houses leads to various diseases
including infections.

Infections of all kinds might become your future if you do not leave your shoes on the doorstep including those related to the digestive system as well as those affecting the skin.

2) Beware of the chemicals!

When we walk on the roads or the footpaths, we do not notice but step on various disgusting things including the bird poop as well as the waste materials of various animals. Not only this but floors of various buildings have chemical materials that stick to our shoes and come to our house along with the footwear.

Now imagine how disgusting it would be to walk around the floors of your house having so
many bacteria stuck to it!

3) The toxins can be harmful!

Bacteria is not the only thing that you bring to your house along with the shoes. Various kinds of toxins as well as dirt materials also become a part of your shoes when you walk around the streets.

If you are someone who lives near a big road, you are more likely to get affected by the toxins spread on it. Therefore, make sure that you take off your shoes before you step into your house.