Don’t you just love it when something from your childhood pops up showering colorful memories on you? Even better when you find an old tee with your fav cartoon character on it. Oh, the nostalgia. To liven up your 90’s-self and walk you down the lovely memory lane, retailer ASOS collaborated with Hello Kitty. No, this collection is not for kids but for adult women who aren’t afraid to be chic and cute.

The line is all things lovely and is bound to transform you into a heart-eyes emoji. Including 40 pieces, (yup, you read that right) in total from streetwear to gifts, this collection salutes the holiday season. Take a moment to check out ASOS and get something for yourself from the vast collection of pajamas, earrings, sweaters, shoes, phone cases, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The best part is that since the range is wide, you’ve lots of things to choose from, for now, and the holidays up ahead. Velvet and sequins can be found among the items with every single piece having something very hello-kitty-ish about it. There is also this pair of absolutely stunning and adorable Hello Kitty mismatched heels!

One strappy shoe has a Hello Kitty face while the other has a bow. Not only does the brand embrace the mismatched trend but the logo-labeled trend too with the HK logo stamped on almost every piece proudly. The collection has a lot of gift items, so you can find something for any upcoming BFF birthdays There.

There is also this pair of white sneakers that have everyone drooling with their cuteness. Comfy velvet maroon pajamas; exactly what dreams are made of. Sequined sweaters that are shining brightly, socks that are so cute you wouldn’t ever want to take them off, and a few accessories as well. Also, this crossbody bag that is a must-have! There was a time when Hello Kitty was the cool in the school and thanks to ASOS that time is back. That also in a very wearable way.


If you haven’t already gotten around to buying your winter staples for this year, this might just be the right time. There are also quite a few sweatshirts for the women who abide by the statement “cute is the new cool.” These pieces can be paired with ripped jeans and booties plus since the line isn’t only limited to clothing you can incorporate the heels and handbags in your summer looks too.

Best part? All these hip items aren’t too costly, pricing starting from just $8. When the company posted the pictures of these HK x ASOS items on Instagram, people were overjoyed, commenting stuff like “omg how cute” and tagging friends saying “have you seen the whole collection? I want it all!!” A perfect mix of classic and modish, this collection is sure to fly off the e-shelves of ASOS at the speed of light. And it is, so you better make your move quick. Many of these items have run out already and people are waiting for them to get restocked. (hopefully)

This isn’t the first time ASOS has presented a collaboration that resonates with the things people truly desire. Also, Hello Kitty has popped its head out several times this year (think Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs) This collection’s pieces are all puurrfect for the days when you want your #OOTD photos to bring in multiples of likes on Instagram or when you just want to casually look your coolest.