Nails are precious details of your appearance that you have to look into. A rough or yellowed nail can simply mirror your poor diet. At the same time, unclean and uncared nails speak volumes of how little time you invest in your care and reflect what matters to you is only the superficial coating of makeup.

Several people stick to painting their nails with a dark tone to sweep their nail health secrets under the painted rug. Little do they know that such an act is doing more harm than good. There are lots of little tips and tricks that you should know in order to boost your nail health. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind.

  1. A Shout-Out to Vitamins

Vitamins are good for the nail health. For instance, biotin supplementation is proven to work on brittle nails. Vitamin E also decreases nail brittleness and when applied topically, the vitamin shows an ability to improve nail growth and reduce yellow nail syndrome.

  1. Nail Polish Removers: An Agonizing Threat

Acetone in your nail polish is a drying agent that strips the protective oils from your nails, leaving them brittle and dry. Best is to use acetone-free nail polish removers and better is to generally use less nail paint removers

  1. Nail Filer On 24/7 Guard Duty

Little cuts and cracks can cause a huge mess. You would not really know when your nail gets caught in any clothing, hair, sweater or stocking. An aggressive snag into anything can magnify the problem by ending the entire nail length altogether. In such cases, you will have to keep your nail filer near your nail so that you can end the rough edge even before it gets to see the light of the day.

  1. Trim the Extra Length Away

It might seem that your nail length may never grow if you keep cutting the nails away or use a decent term for the act such as trimming them up. But this is just a nail health. Trimming your nails is critical for the growth of strong nails that are less susceptible to breaking. After all, you wouldn’t want to grow long nails that are brittle, dry or weak. Hence, cut that extra length away for a healthy nail growth.

  1. The Yoga of Nail Breathing

You might be thinking that a regular mani-pedi regime is a good service that you are doing to your nails. However, silently your nails might disagree. Nails absorb the nail polish applied to their surface, the pigment can penetrate the top layer and potentially dry them out. In a worse take on the matter, excess nail paints can birth mold, mildew, and bacteria growth underneath the nail bed. Going a few days without nail polish can give the nails some time to essentially ‘breath.’

  1. Massage Them To Growth

The cuticle fuels nail health by providing all essential ingredients for their growth. Of course, the leading requirement for this step is smooth blood flow to the area. By gently massaging the nail bed, you will be inviting great blood flow to the zone and with it enhanced growth of the nails. You can also moisturize your cuticles and push them back with a wooden orange stick, which provides more oxygen to the area, thus promoting better nail appearance and health.

  1. Cuticle Care

Cutting cuticles is a serious warning from dermatologists. This extra bit of skin serves as a protective barrier to the growth matrix of the nail. By cutting this layer, you will be leaving the area agitated. Moreover, it is a green signal for nail health problems like lines, ridges, and white spot. There is only one step that needs to be pursued then and it’s completely abstaining from cutting the cuticle.