May 19, 2022

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Qatar World Cup 2022 draw | Pots, combos, appointments, fixtures | USMNT competitors…

Qatar World Cup 2022 draw |  Pots, combos, appointments, fixtures |  USMNT competitors...

How will today’s drawing work?

Today’s draw will include 29 qualifying teams, with the other three sites consisting of two placeholders in the Intercontinental Playoffs slots and one placeholder in the UEFA Playoff, With those states to be determined later in the year.

The qualified teams will be seeded into four pots out of eight, with their FIFA World Ranking being determined – joining Qatar in the first pot will be the top seven teams, Whereas nations ranked 8-15 will be in Pot 2, and so on. The placeholders for three of the qualifying slots will be drawn from the fourth pot.

There will also be eight pots representing groups, A through E. Each team bowl contains four balls with position numbers, ranging from one to four, which correspond to the teams’ starting position in the tables and thus affect their fixture table.

The first team bowl will be the first to be emptied. With automatically drawn diameter in slot A1. The other sides of the first bowl will go straight to the position of one of the remaining groups.

From then on, a ball is drawn from the team’s pot and followed by one from the pot, to determine the location of that team – for example, the second country drawn in group A can be placed in slot A4. The process continues until each team pot is emptied, with the last pot four drawn.

Where possible, no group will contain more than one team from the same qualifying zone, except for Europe – so anyone hoping to face such a Brazil v Uruguay You will have to wait for the knockout stage.

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