If you are the sort of person who prefers sneakers to every other sort of footwear, then yay for you because Puma has just come up with the perfect shoes! With Christmas about just two weeks away, fashion has been adopting silhouettes that give off the perfect festive feels. We hope you’re ready with a green outfit. You need not worry about your footwear though, as the Puma Suede Classic Velvet Sneaker is out now!

Stack on those merry vibes and get ready to impress Santa with these sneakers. Traditional and iconic, Puma’s Suede Classic shoes just got a velvet maroon makeover. They look incredible and will go perfectly with a pair of white cropped pants. The sneakers have overlay panels at the sides, a lace-up design and a grippy rubber sole. Padded and cushioned, these sneakers offer a cozy room.

So not only does the shoe look comfortable but it is a snug fit too. For more of a luxe touch, the tongue and toe of the sneaker are velvet as well along with other velvet detailing. The tip of the tongue and sides of the shoes read the brand’s name in white. The back of the shoe also has Puma’s logo engraved. Shoes define your personality and give your look the classiness that not even your outfit can. With these shoes, you can step out in style.

Embrace the sporty yet snazzy trend. With a retro yet modish appearance, the Puma Suede Classic Velvet Sneaker takes streetwear style to a whole new level of steezy. Welcome the holiday season with sass sporting a pair of these velvety lavish shoes. In love with this new magical Christmas-y sneaker? Get it from Urban Outfitters for $75. If you do get this pair, be prepared for the sneaker is so bold and classy, it is a conversation-starter.