January 17, 2022

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PS5 Update: Firmware 02-21-04.02.00 Available, What’s New?

Last month, the PS5 welcomed its second major update Especially with the M.2 SSD it allows you to extend the internal storage, You can find All changes in our dedicated article. Well, surprise, The console has re-claimed the latest version of its computer software. What does this 913.7 MB connection bring?

Well, priority is nothing new The Changelog Of Firmware 21.02-04.02.00 Comes to the regular phrase and is well known to players :

Key features of this software update

  • This computer software update improves system performance.

Obviously, if you encounter a slight change or problem after the update is done, feel free to report it in the comments.

The PlayStation 5 restarts from time to time without the Blu-ray player On the side Micromania, If you are looking for an animal do not hesitate to look.

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