If you ask a woman what is her most prized possession, she would definitely say her shoe collection! Women love two things the most, shoes and bags. The large variety of shoes is what they love the most in their entire wardrobe.

However, there are certain women who like flats while others love high heels!

There is no doubt to the fact that high heels make you look better. When you wear high heels, you not only look elegant but also appear thinner than what you actually are! However, this is only for those who know how to carry the high heel shoes in the right manner.

Those who stumble while walking in heels should try their best to avoid them. You will always see the fashion-conscious ladies wearing large heels that might be around six inches high! Why? Because they are sexy, trendy and stylish.


The only thing that they don’t know about these high heels is that they have unlimited cons along with their obvious pros. Some of the pros and cons of high heels are mentioned below:

Pros of wearing high heels:

1) Wearing a new pair of high heels will immediately make you look glamorous. Even if you are a plane Jane in normal life, wearing high heels will instantly give you an oomph factor.

2) You will turn heads! Yes, that’s true. Wearing high heels gives you the power to make others
turn their heads and take you seriously.

3) If you know how to carry high heels properly, you will instantly feel a boost in your confidence. Knowing that you look good, you would turn up with high confidence in the party!

4) Wearing high heels helps you strengthening your calf muscles. Ultimately, your legs will look and appear longer than what they actually are.

5) Wearing heels that are not too long helps you improving as well as strengthening your pelvic

Cons of wearing high heels:

1) Wearing heels will automatically lead to a high level of injuries that you might have to deal with. Long heels enhance your chances of tripping and falling off on the floor.

2) A lot of ladies are unaware of the fact that when they wear high heels, their feet have to deal
with weight distribution that is not good for their health. It might lead to an intense level of pain in the back as well as in the hips. The mass of the body might move forward causing immense
body pain as well as knee ache.

3) Higher the heels you wear, Higher is the intensity of pain you might have to deal with. This leads to the shortening of the calf muscles making it difficult for you to walk without limping.