You would insist it’s your mum, your BFF, your boyfriend, spouse or whichever relation your heart lies closest to. But you’d be wrong. Because when it comes to true love, when it comes to sticking by someone’s side through thick and thin, it’s food that is always there. Not your soulmate, not anyone else.

Remember all the times you found yourself truly alone, all the times you knew only emotional eating could curb the pain thudding in your hearts? Who was there when no one was? BURGERS. We all know we’ve all had some rather intimate moments with Big Mac and thus, of course, all us single people out there are going to be celebrating valentines with this burger which has given us unmatched love throughout our years minus any judgment. Such purity.

That said, McDonald’s has come up with a rather shimmery romantic Valentine day present for all the Big Mac fanatics out there. It’s a $12,500 bling mac ring made of gold with sapphire, diamond, and other glam gem embellishments. The ring will be headed to the way of that one McDonald’s fan whose heart holds true, undying dedication for the fast-food chain.

To enter the contest, you have to tweet your vow of love to the Big Mac you love the most @McDonalds. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #BlingMacContest. Starting from now onward, tweets can be sent out until Feb 14. The bejeweled bling ring would be given to the person who posts the “most witty, comedic and romantic tweet.” McDonald’s also took to social media to share a lovely closeup of the ring.

The burger sent out another tweet that read, “Addicted enough to rock one made from 18K gold with seven individual tiers of diamonds and gems? 💍🍔😍” And my, my, It’s beautiful. The competition is going to be tough, so you better get your brain to work to churn out your most hilarious love vow. All this time Big Mac has shown you love. Now it’s your turn.