Beauty products addict always look forward to having those products which are two in one. Just like the shampoo plus conditioner bottle that serves two-way, the mask and scrub combined together are a treat for the users. Clinique is that one company that is known to provide its users with class-apart products. The moisturizers as well as serums

offered by this company are loved by women all across the world. Alongside, the sunscreen manufactured by this company, the cleansers offered and the makeup removers offered, the scrubs are also phenomenal. Be it the skincare or the beauty product range, the company is the first choice for all those customers who prefer quality over every other thing.

The two in one benefit

The City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub that this company has launched offers its users with an opportunity to use a mask as well as a scrub in the price of one. This is a scrub that provides its users with extra cleansing, which is a dream come true for all the oily skinned people around the globe. The fact that it absorbs really well on the skin makes it a reliable option to opt for. Nonetheless, people who are allergic to scents can benefit from it as it is free of fragrance.

Within the five minutes of applying it on the skin, you would be able to feel refreshed skin and brightened face.

Using this product is extremely easy. All one needs to do is to squeeze a bit of the product from the tube. The product would be grey in color; however, it will turn into a blue shade once it dries on the skin. As the color changes, you would get to know that now is the time to rinse it off. This makes this product an effective one as the user doesn’t have to constantly touch the face to ensure that it has dried off.

Effect on the skin

Once this product is applied, it’s your choice to sit in a space that provides you with extra air to dry your mask off or at a place where there is normal air. However, once the mask dries, you will feel your skin tightened up. It is not an irritating kind of dried up skin, rather an easy one. Once the product is cleaned and washed off, the skin comes back to the softer self back. The dry skin gets all the hydration back and ends up smooth, clean and bright

Allergy Tested

The products of Clinique are allergy tested; hence everyone can use them with great ease without any chance of getting any kind of allergy from it. Apart from this, these products are not tested on animals, making them cruelty-free.

The ingredients used in the making of this scrub include clay, magnesium and charcoal powder. Together they make the skin appear bright and clear.


Though this product is a bit heavy on the pocket, it surely is worth buying if you want to give your skin a renewed health. As it is two in one, it provides its users with an opportunity to use one product rather than buying two different ones. Hence, some money is saved by using it.