The LA brand, Sugarpill has come up with yet another interesting palette. Borrowing its features from Pro Palette, the Pro Palette Mini by the brand is a tiny version of the original version. The Pro Palettes are highly loved so a mini version was the need of the hour. Pro Palette Mini by Sugarpill offers the same color variety and is travel-friendly so that you pop it in your handbag and head out without worrying to drag your vanity bag along.

Vibrant colors are the cornerstone of these Sugarpill palettes. Best of all, the shades are customizable so that you decide which colors you want to keep in your tray and which you don’t want.

It’s pretty simple and we pretty much need such eyeshadow trays that hold all the colors of our choice. Because it’s nothing foreign for anyone but most of us get stuck with a shade or two in an eyeshadow palette that either we don’t like or don’t suit us.

Pro palette boasts a sleek design that provides space for 12 vibrant hues. There’s a magnetic lock to the eyeshadow pro pan so that your shades remain safe inside. There’s also a magnetic base that allows you to get your pans replaced and refilled with new colors or your favorite colors. You can fetch the pro palette at the official website here.

The Pro Palette Mini by Sugarpill holds 6 36mm pro pans along with the magnetic closure and magnetic base for refilling your color pans. So, it the same version as the Pro Palette but only the mini size of it. It is up for grabs at $12. An excellent piece of news here though is that The Pro Palette Mini is free when you purchase 6 Pro Pans.

The deals available at the website of Sugarpill read:

  • Purchase 6 Pro Pans and get the Pro Palette 50% off
  • Purchase 12 Pro Pans and get the Pro Palette FREE!

So get your palette now!