It is always an amazing feeling to know that you have a bun in the oven. But now that you have made the discovery, there can be nothing more torturous than the wait. Your thoughts tick like the second hand of the clock and keep zipping around from what to expect and how to deal with the 9 months. Most of all, the wait can be killing. And you are left wondering about the due date the very moment you conceive. Your thoughts simple glue to the pregnancy week by week calculator.

The Beginning Step

So, what should be doing? The most significant of all the facts is knowing. And it all begins with knowing that your due date is mostly calculated by your last menstrual date. This you will often see in your pregnancy file as LMP.

Most of us might even confuse matters. You get pregnant before you miss your period. A missed period only confirms that there the fetus has implanted in your uterus and the baby is good to grow. In fact, you will see this as part of the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period. By the time you miss your cycle, your little champ is already a month old and you are 4 weeks along the pregnancy.

Your Due Date

As far as the due date is concerned, your doctor will give you an expected date as per the LMP. But there are more factors that come into play regarding the exact data. These include the length of the previous pregnancy, the mother’s weight, and age. These factors determine the actual length of the pregnancy that, in turn, determines your expected date of childbirth.

The due date given by the doctor, with the help of a sonogram, is not set in stone. In fact, studies have revealed that less than 4% of the births occur on the exact expected data, 60% occur within a week of the date, and about 90% occur within two weeks of the expected delivery date.

Pregnancy Week by Week Calculator

How Far Along Are You?

There isn’t any exact way to find the day you conceived. But to plan out your week by week calculation, there are two ways. Firstly, with the help of LMP. The first day of your last period is the first day of your pregnancy.

Secondly, it can be estimated by a rough date of ovulation. Some women keep a record of their ovulation. And based on this, they make an estimate of when they conceive and the week of their pregnancy.

The Sonogram for the Pregnancy Week by Week Calculator

If you do not remember your LMP or you have irregular periods, it can be a serious problem in finding out the stage of pregnancy you are in. The CRL is a solution for this though. The CRL is the Crown Rump Length that a sonogram determines.

This is found by measuring the baby from its head to the bottom. This tells how far along are you in your 9 months. Also, the sonogram gives a more accurate picture of the due date and the time of pregnancy in which you are in.

Trimesters To Divide The Pregnancy

Trimesters help you to divide the pregnancy into periods. This also eases your waiting period. While 37-47 weeks in pregnancy, the normal duration of pregnancy, may sound like a long time period, trimesters seem short. Each trimester is divided into 3 months and each shows different characteristics too. Here are the time durations for each trimester.

  • The first trimester starts from the baby’s conception to 13 weeks plus 6 days
  • The second trimester commences from 14 weeks and closes around 27 weeks plus 6 days
  • Third and the last trimester lasts from 28 weeks till your delivery