Most of us have only seen a fruitful relation between yoga and spiritual connectivity. It is commonly associated with relaxation, mindfulness, stress relief, meditation, and mental peace. But the advantages of yoga are not limited to these health benefits only. Yoga can also help you to shed the additional pounds and tone down your figure. Of course, an advanced version of yoga is required to this end and it comes under the name of power yoga.

What is Power Yoga?

The term, power yoga was coined in the 1990s. Power yoga is considered the first step to gym yoga. It is a quicker version of yoga that combines together calories burning and meditation. At the end, such a yoga leaves you energized. It also relieves stress while simultaneously working to build core strength and flexibility. With power yoga, your body ends up building internal heat and stamina. It is a great way to add flexibility and leanness to your fitness kit.

The Origin of Power Yoga

Power yoga is the fitness workout version of traditional yoga that emerges from the vinyasa style of Ashtanga yoga. This form of yoga features smooth sequential movements that train the muscles along with intense stretching.

Power yoga originates from India and shares the characteristics of its ancestral yoga branch of Ashtanga. It helps to lose weight along with providing a number of other internal benefits for your body. By regularly tuning into your power yogi mode, you will be able to lead a fit, stress-free, and strong life.

We haven’t really pulled out the idea of power yoga from thin air as a yoga means to reduce your weight. Rather, it is increasingly becoming popular around the globe as a good workout for strength building and weight loss. Moreover, power yoga is also paired with cardio as a quick means to get rid of the adamant calories.

Benefits of Power Yoga

You will not only be able to bring down the soaring weight digits with power yoga but reap other advantages too. Some of the major ones include:

  • It helps you to burn the additional pounds
  • It gives a boost to your metabolism to ensure that it works optimally
  • Ensures that you are left calm, relaxed, and more focused
  • You are able to bid adieu to the unwanted stress and tension in your life
  • The power yoga workout helps to build stamina, flexibility, and strength
  • Helps to tone your inactive muscles as they are strengthened and flexed

This form of yoga works on the body’s core to build core muscles. This building of lean muscles is good for weight loss as it also indicates an increased metabolism so that you can not only burn calories but also melt fat.

In the long run, power yoga is more healthful than cardio sessions as excessive cardio can deplete muscle reserve, which is not good for a weight loss regime that extends to a long time. Ideally, you can always pair together two-three sessions of power yoga with your cardio practice for healthy pound shedding.

An Effective Session of Power Yoga to Burn Extra Calories

On average, traditional yoga melts 240 calories. If it is performed correctly, power yoga can help you to burn an additional 200 calories. To get an effective slim outcome from power yoga, number your sessions to three times in a week.

But you need to practice under supervision or move ahead with a doctor’s permission if have any serious injuries, have undergone a surgery recently, are pregnant, or have some serious ailment or disorder.