There is nothing more pretty than a pop of color that arrests attention. It adds color to your day and when it comes to makeup, it adds life to your art. If getting some popping colors to welcome the spring is on your agenda, then you’d definitely love the power pigment eyeshadows by Makeup Geek Cosmetics.

These pops of bright hues are available solo with bold shades adding the needed cherry atop your makeup collections. There are ten vibrant shades to choose from so there’s a variety at your disposal. On top of this, these highly pigmented pressed powders can be used on the face, eyes, and lips too.

The colors are termed Untouchable, Dynamic, Potential, Transform, Indestructible, Tenacious, Invincible, Dedicated, Courageous, and Unleashed. These are also present in a bundle palette for $90 with each individual shade for $9. You can get these power pigment eyeshadows at the official Makeup Geek Cosmetics here.

There are also some new more vibrant colors coming from Colourpop Cosmetics. So far only sneak peeks are circulating the web but what’s known is that the shades will come as part of the brand’s birth month.

There’s another surprise coming on May 8, which is tomorrow. It will come from Morphe brushes with 2 new palettes coming out for $25 each. The two new Sculpt and Shimmer Palettes are called 8L Lo-Fi Sculpt & Shimmer Palette and 8H Hi-F Sculpt & Shimmer Palette. These contain 4 matte contouring shades and 4 high impact highlighter shades.

Therefore, there is a lot of excitement on the makeup horizon as new items are lined to make a boom. The power pigments boast bold and vibrant colors, whereas, more shades are to follow but by Colourpop along with other items as the cosmetics big wig celebrates its birth month. Lastly, amazing highlighting palettes by Morphe Cosmetics are to be launched tomorrow.