Fashion and politics don’t seem to go hand in hand.

But we live in a time where everything is possible. Politics has hit the stores!

Politics is a holy grail for some. Some want to live and die for it. Others want to make money out of it and some believe in bringing order to the world through its aid. For some politics is used to stabilize and bring back the lost utopia of democracy. To some it means a promising growing economy and strengthening the role of free and fair stronghold of governments.

However, to some it’s up for sale.

Yes. You heard it right. The most luxurious stores all over the world are buzzing with political fanatics who are drooling over the stuff that their beloved leaders wear or use. For most of the people they do it because they want to depict their love for the leader to everyone they meet. To others, it’s supporting the cause that their leader came up with. However, researchers believe that there is much more to it. The reason behind has much more deep and solidified roots than what they make it look like.

The secret lies in consumer buying behavior trends.

Marketing researchers recently came up with a theory (or a buzz word of marketing if you call it) called ‘resonating buying behavior’ of the consumers. It states that the potential buyers in the market are more inclined towards buying stuff that closely resonates with the image that the consumer wants to establish in the society. The buyer is most likely to buy something that compliments the impression of himself that he wants to create on others.

Hence it’s not just the love.

The political fanatics deep down idealize their leaders so much that they suffer from a personality shift and tend to change their identity into a direct replica of their beloved leader. In psychological point of view, it’s a double personality disorder.

However to businesses it means only one thing: Profits. Unfortunately, in a world full of competitive landscapes the companies are striving to cash upon every unique strategy that comes their way and is appealing to the target market. Therefore, the companies are moving towards the trend of making money out of politics.

Don’t believe it? Take a look…

Matchless is a London based luxury brand. It is known for its expensive jackets that are inspired by the real life and fictional superheroes. They have everything, from Arnold Schwarzenegger and from Batman to James Bond.

However, recently the well-known brand came up with such a plot twist that no competitor or customer was imagining in their wildest dreams. They came up with the idea of launching the most lavish looking jackets inspired by none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The management at Matchless believes that the president is indeed a modern day superhero and the initiative taken is aimed at giving personal respect to the strong inspiring personality. The brand managers are of the view that the President has a brutal image couple with a soft yet sarcastic sense of humor. Putin at 65 excels at riding horse, enjoys hockey and entertains others by playing perfect piano. To top it all of he is calm and runs the power house of the world, Russia. The jacket is going to be a part of ‘heroes’ collection and is for $1699.

What’s the motive behind it?

Definitely not love for the President. Its business and hunger for money. Also, it facilitates in developing a competitive edge and hence uniqueness in the market.

Matchless, a fashion brand has been looking for strategies since forever to expand in to the Russian market. However, to penetrate and make a big entry, they wanted a breakthrough. These Putin inspired jackets will be launched in the start of 2018 and there’s already a great deal of talk about it and that’s the word of mouth the company needed to generate to ooze out the money from the Russian wallets.

First and foremost, Russia has a very huge and strong potential market for luxury brands. The people earn well above the average. Secondly, it suits them because it’s the first fashion product made from hi tech leather and it designed in a way that it has the ability to resist extreme cold weather which is the average temperate across the Russian landscape.

That’s not all; companies around the world are striving to make money out of politics. Renowned leader of Pakistan, Imran Khan is known for wearing ordinary footwear, called ‘Peshawari Chappal’ that resonates well with the Pathan community and is known for its well- crafted beauty. Many stores across Peshawar and workmen launched the same footwear with the brand name ‘Khan Chappal’. Astonishingly, the sales soar – all for the love of Khan.

Modi well known shawl went up for sales, Queen Elizabeth’s hats are taking the market by storm, Theresa May’s outfits are inspiring ladies all over the world and numerous dentists are using Justin Trudeau’s smile on their posters to depict the impact of their miracle braces.

Politics is indeed driving sales nowadays and all the fashion companies are cashing on it. If a leader wears a certain shade, colors, wrist watch or even a ring it’s bound to accelerate sales for the companies because the devotees are going to create a vast target market for it out of love. So, Politics is not only driving the nations. It controls fashion too, now!