Driving through your teens years is like trekking through the mountains. You expect that as soon as you cross eighteen an extravagant resort would pop up in the middle of nowhere. You expect the challenging hike from one hill to another to come to an end. News flash: that never happens! As you enter your twenties you realize that teenage was basically just a trailer. Okay, it’s maybe not necessarily as bad. But still.

You might have thought that getting a new place after college, moving out of your parents’ home and getting a job would mean living an independent life. You might have thought your life would finally become Instagram-worthy. In truth, that is not the case. Because as much as you would like, not all of us are filthy rich. Most of us have to work hard to earn a house, a job, a life.

So, if you are a twenty something, you probably are aware of all the loneliness, confusion, and struggles that this age bracket introduces one to.

From one fellow twenty something to all others, here are some pointers that you should bear in mind for crossing your next twenty something years sans a lot of trouble.

Everyone is confused and lonely

You’ve just graduated, and all your friends have dispersed. You look at random people on Instagram and can’t help but think how your life used to be before age hit you like a meteor out of nowhere. Well, you need to know that you are not the only one who feels isolated in the middle of nowhere. You aren’t the only one who is navigating through life dodging bullets that are being fired one after another.

All that glamor on social media is fake. No one’s life is perfect. People only portray 0.1% of the truth on social platforms. Also, if the anxiety doesn’t stop eating you, choose to go for digital detox. Delete those accounts, no more snapchat, no more Facebook. The less the drama you get to deal with on the internet, the more of it you will be able to expertly handle in real life.

You need to focus on your career

Love will come when it wills, you should dedicate your first few years of this new era working on building your resume. Make plans, or perfect the ambitions that you’ve carried along all these years. it’s high time you should start weaving your dreams into reality. This is the time you should work your head off because before that you were studying and after this phase, you might have to embrace newer responsibilities.

You should spend time with yourself

Before this your parents and friends surrounded you. Maybe after this, you’ll have other people buzzing around you. This is the time that you should give to yourself. Start doing more of what you love. Learn how to manage your time to include all the things that you should be doing. Take a trip across town. Listen to more music. Follow those little dreams that you have always wanted to. Hustle every day and don’t forget to survive on your own without compromising too much.

Make the changes that need to be made

We all have friends, who are basically frenemies, unresolved issues, and a ton more of questions on our minds. This is the time when you should set your priorities straight and declutter your friends’ list. Not only on social media but in real life too. Avoid people who have been disturbing you. Make new friends. Stop stressing yourself too much. Make those changes that you have always wanted to because to some extent entering this new phase is like starting anew. Make the most of it.