Ever since the concept of ‘film’ evolved, it seems that the producers, story writers, and directors joined forces and strived hard to destroy the essence and true meaning of the word ‘love’.  The word that was supposed to portray perfection despite of imperfection was successfully crafted in to a mere slang that is thrown away in whatever manner pleased by those in authority.

The Old Perfect Love

A mere glimpse at the scripts of the films released last century depicts a devastating series of trends. The films in general showcased love as something that has to be perfect and possible and is destined to happen between two opposite genders which are inclined towards each other.

Furthermore, in order for love to happen, everything needs to be perfect. The dress has to be flawless and you have to be incredibly good looking or else you are unfortunately not so lovable. You need to have a reasonable height and good feature too. Also, your teeth should be shinning white as the stars above and the fragrance you wear should be so captivating that it must make dogs and cats perk up their ears from miles around.

Once the perfect love occurs, the background romantic music must get played at a certain volume. It’s a compulsion for you and your partner to sway at the same time to the rhythm of the perfectly timed beat which ends in a ‘true loves kiss’ that is pure magic. It must be noted that in order for love to be true, the lover must be the most handsome guy in the movie with dimples and golden hair that he continuously fixes with his hand. Plus, somehow the whole village must be present there with their jaw dropping gaze and eyes popped out – marveling at the utter perfection of the once in a lifetime love that was never ever – ever seen before.

That’s not all, movies over the years have also helped us in digesting another disgusting fact: love is very expensive. You have to be a filthy rich brat, born with a golden spoon in mouth, to find the love of your life. If in case you are not rich, you must go and cry your heart out somewhere and hope that a miracle lady by the name of Fairy Godmother will appear out of thin air to give you crystal shows and glittering gown.

Gee – thanks for destroying love for all the audience. A lot of people suffered failed marriages and relationships just because it looked nothing like those Disney ‘happily ever after’.

21st Century ‘Sane’ Realistic Love

No matter how much you sing the woodland animals are not going to help you out with the household chores and do the cleaning for you or stich or dress.

Hold your horses!

The sanity is back and trends are changing!

In the recent years, the film industry has given the term ‘love’ a makeover. The script writers have realized that love has to have a realistic approach attached to it. The fashion of perfect love being the only kind of love in the world has fortunately faded.

‘Shrek’ was regarded has an ugly ogre but still, he didn’t just change in to a handsome prince for Fiona in the end. The two became a happy green fat couple and lived happily ever after. ‘Frozen’ taught us that love between sisters can be a lot stronger than any mere random guy with golden hair. ‘Maleficent’ taught us that sometimes villains are not the bad guys, they are just made to behave that way by the people that surround them. ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ gave out the message that lovers die and are sometimes not destined to meet at a huge castle but cancer rehabilitation centers.

Furthermore, movies about gay relationships became a common thing this century and the concept of imperfect love has evolved. Not only that, but these films were apparently more successful than all the previous love stories ever made.

 Causes of Success

The success of these movies can be attributed to the changing society trends. ‘Gay Marriages’ were recently made legal therefore such movies appealed to that target market more. The movie scripts in general were more relatable and close to reality. The realistic approach of these movies appealed more to public and their idea of perfectly imperfect love being the best.

Moreover, this also highlighted the idea of love between other relationships. Unfortunately, the love for other relationships was fading from our movie scripts but this century’s masterminds have indeed played their part in bridging the gap.

In a nutshell

There is a need for the movie makers to shift a little further towards redefining the true meaning of love that appeals to the masses and is relatable. This is not going to help in gaining profits but would also aid in decreasing the amount of depression and anxiety in the minds of couples who long for perfection. Everyone will live happily ever after!