Life has taken a shift of 180 degrees and the priorities of people have changed greatly.

Gone are the days when people would opt for luxurious and extravagant weddings. With the COVID 19 telling them the realities of life and how unpredictable it is, opting for smaller wedding festivals is the new normal.

If you are also planning to get wed sometime soon while being on a budget, here are a few tips that you can follow:

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1. Be quick in booking the venue:

We can all see that the World is coming back to its normalcy, and all the weddings that had postponed before are now happening. If you really want to save some cash, you need to book your venue soonest possible, before the rates go high once again.

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2. Go for intimate ceremonies:

People all over the World are taking safety precautions and opting for intimate ceremonies. in these ceremonies, they invite only their closed friends and relatives and spend as less as possible on food and accommodation.

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3. Ensure everyone’s safety:

Following all the precautions of Corona is mandatory. You cant skip this part no matter what. It is necessary for the safety of you and all the members invited to the wedding festivities.

Make sure to keep sanitisers and masks readily available for all the guests.

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4. Stay within the budget:

As already mentioned, staying within the budget is the real goal.

Now, there will be times when you will be tempted to over-do things out of excitement. The key is to realize that the real purpose of you opting for this time for your marriage is to save money.


Stay safe, save money!