June 26, 2022

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Philips UV-C Homes promises intensive cleaning of small everyday items

This could not have been a better time Phillips. In the midst of recovering from the epidemic of
Govit-19, The manufacturer starts with its lighting branch (named)
Representing) Its mini disinfectant box. Its promise: Pure and simple elimination of all germs present in small items. 20 minutes Tested it.

Against germ nests

Why a UV-C Box? While respecting barrier gestures and taking care to wash your hands regularly … the little things we use everyday (not necessarily clean) can be the real germs. The mini-box introduced by Philips makes it possible to disinfect them. Not to mention the glasses, the keys, the jewelry, our inseparable smartphones that we constantly handle, and their location is easy to spot.

The Philips disinfectant box takes only 8 minutes to clean large. -Phillips

With a capacity of one liter (23.4 x 10.5 x 15.5 cm per 360 g), all you have to do is open the lid, put the disinfectant you want in it, lock it and then press the front button. It glows blue for 8 minutes. This is the time required for UV-C to do its job.

From smartphones to remote controls

The box contains four UV-C LED bulbs that, when operated, are microbial DNA-free … 99.9%! This process is popular for disinfecting surfaces, air and even water. SARS-Cov-2 (or Covit-19) is recognized for its antiseptic power.

The Philips sterilization box officially sold for 54 euros.
The Philips sterilization box officially sold for 54 euros. -Phillips

For our tests, we put the box on our desk and plugged it into USB-C on our computer. Reflexes that need to be used several times daily, day by day, have become essential. In particular, we used it to clean our mask, our car keys, goggles and smartphone after each excursion. Before our TV evenings, we did not hesitate to put the remote controls for our TV and internet box in it, handled as best as possible by the whole house.

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Invisible promise

Frustration: Since the box is opaque, we do not see the action of light (UV-C is dangerous to view). When the blue light on the front was turned off and our items were taken out, they obviously did not change in appearance. The promise of the Philips device is invisibleā€¦ but it promises.

Philips Disinfection Box is ideal for small everyday items.
Philips Disinfection Box is ideal for small everyday items. -Phillips

Sold for 54 euros (but it’s already around 40 euros), Philips’ small UV-C box is not the first in its segment. We have already tested World Pro Einova Company.

The Philips model has the advantage of a very reasonable price and is capable of processing many small items at once. Other boxes like Survival box (Sold for 79 euros) UV-C lamps are said to make further progress in sterilization by heating at 60 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. It is especially suitable for all types of masks, especially to remove bad odors.