YouTube king PewDiePie is about to lose his top spot on the channel to an Indian music production company and this has got everyone talking. The Swedish content creator himself is also not staying quiet. With 66 million+ eyes on him, he’s definitely making the most of all the attention.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) has been sitting on the YouTube throne for the past 5 years. His livestreamed game commentaries never seem to bore fans. He’s been YouTubing since 2010 and has about 3622 under his name. Now with T-series chasing his crown with approx. 65 million followers, he has expressed what he thinks about the situation in the most popularly-consumed way these days – by releasing a diss track.

First off, know that T-series is not an individual YouTuber like PewDiePie. It’s an Indian film and music production company that was founded in the 80’s by Gulshan Kumar. When this YouTube war started to shake the platform’s addicts two months back, T-series was behind by a good 6 million.

Right now, the channel only needs 2 million more subscribers to dethrone PewDiePie. T-series started its YouTube account four years before the UK-born top-level independent creator did. T-series also has way more than twice the number of videos that PewDiePie has, 12,699, if you want to know the number.

Moreover, YouTube’s search algorithm also favors music artists more than independent creators, yet for the past 5 years, PewDiePie has continued his reign on the channel. Now back to the diss track. Here is a snippet of his song’s lyrics:

You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one / But you India, you lose so best think you haven’t won / When I’m through with you/ We’re gonna be completely f***** done

This rap song which was dropped on October 5, has already garnered 8,817,640 views. According to predictions, T-series won’t take more than a month to take over the top spot on YouTube. Unless, of course, PewDiePie’s subscriber-count grows massively.

Some people think that since there are so many major differences between the two channels, there is basically no comparison. Let’s see in which direction this one-sided beef goes next. Even if T-series does get the number 1 spot, PewDiePie will still stand as the most-subscribed independent YouTube creator.