June 26, 2022

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Pesket reacts after the incident that threatened the ISS

The French astronaut, in an interview with RTL, returned to the problem of space debris.

In a few days, he may be facing it. Thomas Pesket, from Cologne (Germany), was called by our colleagues a week after his return to Earth. RTL Astronauts on the ISS in response to a Russian-launched anti-satellite missile attack.

“These are often elements that fortunately do not happen, and create these problems for everyone,” the astronaut said, however he wants to reassure: “All this debris is being tracked by radar from the ground.”

“In the end, everyone enjoys it”

The French astronaut explains that security procedures are initiated by ISS residents only 5-10 kilometers from the debris station “I want maximum security”.

“This is not a situation we often want to find ourselves in,” explains Thomas Baskett, who concluded agreements between the space agencies that “we try not to multiply such debris in orbit. In the end, everyone suffers.”

“There is too much rubbish”

What happened at the start of the week highlights one of the key issues in the aerospace industry: the debris of satellites, launchers and other objects above our heads, which complicates work or poses a danger to astronauts.

“There’s more and more junk because there’s more activity (space, editor’s note),” says Thomas Pesket. “Now we’re doing things very well. We try to add our garbage back into the atmosphere so that they burn.

As for the French, “we are reaching the peak of this problem”, which, according to him, will be gradually resolved “with the vigilance we have for a few years.”