The wind is a wild mess, your hair is a silky curtain behind your back obeying the command of the air and there, right in front of you is a shiny, red Lamborghini. Everything about it is perfect, the looks, the striking color but let’s be honest! What’s the best part in a sports car after the speed? It’s the shiny body that glazes like the car is brand new. But wait, here is a bit of a zoom in…

The tires are a mud mess with the black rubber part rarely visible beneath the thick coat of mud the wheels have just drove across. One look at them and you are totally repelled. Well, that’s because the beauty of a vehicle lies in an entire car wash rather just the shiny jacket of the body that catches the eye first. The tires catch up too, no matter how slowly but they give a very poor impression of the owner of the sports car. Either that person does not have the basic sense of a car wash or does not know the proper way to spell ‘cleanliness.’ But then why are we talking cars in a nail write-up? Well, that is because the way you present your nails pretty much gives off the same impression as the tires of a car, extremely crucial.

It is only a matter of a few precious heartbeats before a person’s sight falls on unkempt and unclean nails. A layer of dirt beneath those pretty fingernails can be a completely poor reflection of one’s hygiene. Although several people tend to hide the poor keeping of their nails by painting a thick coat of dark nail polish, that shade is not going to be one’s pretend-solution always and forever.

On top of all this, the French manicure is the classic style diva when it comes to nail painting and nail art. Nothing looks as elegant and timeless as a French manicure that is suitable for downright every event in your life. Having the perfect French manicured nails speaks volumes of how well you treat and care for your nails. So, to cut to the chase, here are a few tips that can help you master a gorgeous French manicure:

Patience is Key

All these centuries ago, when Buddha instructed us to be patient, he wasn’t just bluffing. He must have probably foreseen times when nail painting may take longer than just a few strokes of the lacquer. And this is about it. There is no aspect of nail care that requires as much time as a French manicure that is done right. So, keep it slow for patience is perfection in this case.

Vaseline to the Rescue

It is not just fugitives or rebels who love to cross the borders, it is the nail shade too. Once or twice if not multiple times, the lacquer makes suicidal attempts of jumping right out of the area it is being painted in. The solution is to caress the immediate reverse U area of your nail zone with Vaseline. That way, if there are any nail polish blotches on the run, they get stuck right into the petroleum jelly that you only have to wipe clean for a clear, within the required nail area French manicure.

All-time favorites Cotton Buds

If Vaseline is not the right solution for you, worry not for cotton buds have your back. There is nothing more powerful in the history of nail painting then cotton buds dabbed in nail polish remover, accessing even the most inaccessible area to clean the unwanted nail paint for nail polish perfection.

The Perfect Tips

There is no serious trick pulled from a pro artist’s sack when it comes to painting the base color and the final touch-up lacquer. The toughest nut to crack is the straight white tips painted down to wow-ness. It is most likely that your paintbrush slips here so a solution is nail tape. Strike it across your nail bed minus the tips of your nail and paint away. Next thing you know, a flawless French manicured nail tip stares right back at you!