We’ve seen a lot of celebrity doppelgängers. But this new one is special. Because she doesn’t just look like a single star but two of them combined. Meet Samantha Rodriguez who’s picture has went viral on social media because of a friend of hers, and now, people cannot stop comparing her to both Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande!

The 18-year-old was there at an LGBTQ+ Pride parade among so many others this past weekend in Houston, Texas. There, her friend snapped a picture of hers wearing a bikini top with one side colorful and the other glittery paired with jean shorts. Everyone clicks pictures and that’s just normal. However, Samantha’s picture actually ended up with more than 30K likes on the original tweet. It went viral like a wildfire!


Social media is now officially obsessed with her. People are pointing out how her looks resemble those of two superstars; the Love Me Harder singer and the former Disney star. Considering but these celebs are uber-gorgeous, this is definitely a compliment anyone would love to receive. One person wrote, “how is it fair that your literally a combination of the two most beautiful people on the planet.” Yes, How?! Is there a formula?





We bet there isn’t! While talking about this incident of her picture going viral with Teen Vogue, Samantha said, “I’ve gotten the comment about Ariana quite a lot actually.” “The Demi comparison was kind of random, I’m assuming because of my chin. I personally don’t see the resemblance to either so all of the attention I’ve gotten is so wild to me,” the teenager further added.


She continued to say, “I actually love everything about both women and what they stand for. They also happen to be extremely gorgeous so to be able to be compared to them both is really an amazing feeling.” We’re sure it is! People are loving Samantha’s looks on Twitter. We also think that she looks like both the artists at once; there’s no denying that.