Let’s not lie – Zendaya looked super gorgeous at the Met Gala this weekend where she was seen in a Cinderella inspired gown complete with LED lights. The Spiderman actress’s outfit was designed by Tommy Hilfiger and she even wore a headband over her freshly blonde hair. Second time in a row, the 22-year-old didn’t only comply with the Met Gala theme, but she aced it too.

Along with her, Law Roach, her personal stylist made an entry as her fairy godmother with even a wand that lighted up her grey gown blue. Truly magical. But unlike the most of us, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t impressed with the star’s look. In fact, she went as far as to even slam Zendaya’s look on the public platform of Instagram. Why LiLo, why?

On a post by @DisneyLifestylers on the photo-sharing app, which was praising Zendaya’s stunning look, Lohan made a rude remark in the comments’ section. She wrote, “Claire Danes did that with @ZacPosen already.” Utterly unimpressed with Zendaya’s look, the 32-year-old further typed, “@ClaireDanes, you wore this dress so beautifully. I don’t know why someone thinks that they can be more chic. Ever.”

Umm, what’s all that hate about? Also, we’re pretty sure Claire Danes didn’t want to be dragged with a tag into this shade. And when did Zendaya even say or hint that she felt chicer than someone else? Zendaya didn’t respond to Lohan’s comments but her fans sure slammed her. Some called Lindsay jealous while others said that her comment was “mean-spirited” and “incredibly dumb.”

One person responded, “Lindsay, you are 32 years old, please grow up and stop hating on a 22 year old. I know it hurts that she might play Ariel, but please, you had your turn.” Why do you think Mean Girls actress got mean? Tell us in the comments!